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Friday, June 12, 2015

Walt Disney World: Animal Kingdom

I decided to just break up all parks into four separate posts. If you missed any previous posts you can see find them here… Logistics, Epcot, Magic Kingdom. Even though we didn't spend a ton of time at Animal Kingdom, we visited there on two separate days to get done what we had on our list. We originally didn't even think we would have time to get to Animal Kingdom, but as you read in previous posts, we had more than enough time to get to everything! If you have the time, I would check it out!

Ride Recap:

Expedition Everest: We convinced the kids to ride this when we first got to AK. They had seen this ride on the Disney video that Disney sends you and they were skeptical. With very little coaxing, we all made it on the ride. The kids did not love it. There was a little girl in line with us who was 5 y/o and she was riding it over and over again. It's jus based on your level of adventure, I guess!

It's Tough to Be a Bug: This is a 3D movie and it was so, so cute! It involves bugs and the theater is dark. We all loved it, good for all ages.

Kilimanjaro Safari: This was a huge hit! This ride is long and you get to see animals up close and out in the open. A giraffe crossed the road and came right up next to us on our ride. Highly recommend and good for all ages.

Kali River Rapids: We knew we were going to ride this ride on a certain day so we packed flip flops in our backpack. We kept seeing everyone come of the ride soaking wet, so we knew it was a possibility. I wanted to put on our ponchos but Steve couldn't see the point of going on a water ride if we didn't want to get wet! So, we picked our spots, and lo and behold, the Larson's all stayed dry! The other family seated with us got most of the water. Super fun ride, the anticipation of getting wet or not was most of the fun. Good for all ages.

TriceraTop Spin: Super easy ride, good for all ages.

Dinosaur: Our kids hid their faces during most of this ride. It jerks you quite a bit, but Steve and I loved it. Probably not suited for small kids…dark and scary scenes. Our kids just hid their heads in our laps, so it all worked out!

We only went to one "show" at AK. We got to the park right when it opened one day to stand in line for Festival of the Lion King. We did not plan to come to AK, so we did not have any Fast Passes for this park. We got in line around 9:15 and we got front row for the 10am show. I would highly recommend seeing this! We all loved it! It's a about a 30 minutes show. And Kate was chosen with another girl to help out in the beginning of the show. So fun for her and for all of us!

I'm so happy we ended up spending a little time at AK. It's very educational and has a different vibe about it than the other parks. We did not eat anything while we were at AK, so I don't have anything to report on the food. Next up will be Hollywood Studios and then a beach recap!

I have also added a "TRAVEL" section at the top of the blog. I have included all travel posts here so you can quickly reference them! xo

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