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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Walt Disney World: Magic Kingdom

Next up on our tour through Disney is to recap our time at Magic Kingdom. We visited MK twice in a four day time span. Seeing the castle for the first time with your kids is nothing short of magical and everything you want it to be. If you missed the first two parts of this trip, you can find all logistics HERE and our Epcot recap can be found HERE. I have also included a "Travel" tab at the top of the page with all of my travel recaps.

I love this photo because there is no one else around! We were able to get into the park early one day because we had Be Our Guest breakfast reservations at the Beast's Castle (see below).

Be Our Guest Breakfast:
Our second day at Disney is when we had Be Our Guest breakfast reservations. I found out they were doing a "trial run" of serving breakfast and was able to get reservations a few months out from our trip. You do not see any characters during this breakfast, but you do get into the park early and you get to sit in the Beast's Castle to eat. The food was pretty good. Steve and I both had poached eggs, bacon, arugula and tomato on a baguette. The kids both had french toast. All breakfasts are served with drinks and croissants and pastries. Overall, I would say it was fun and a good experience, but I wouldn't be devastated if you can't get a reservation.

Our kids were at an age where seeing characters wasn't a huge priority, but they were interested. They did want to see characters roaming about the parks, and they did take an autograph book (from the Dollar Spot at Target :), and we did stand in some lines to see characters. If the lines were too long (Anna & Elsa) or we didn't have a Fast Pass, we moved along. We also have a boy and a girl, so we had to compromise! We saw Talking Mickey with a Fast Pass at 10pm!

What We Ate: 
We did not have any formal reservations other than the Be Our Guest for MK. We snacked on popcorn, our own snacks, ice cream. We did eat hot dogs and cheese fries at Casey's Corner the night we stayed for the parade and fireworks. Again, I think not having a lot of reservations for food kept us moving and we got see/do more than we ever thought we would. 

There is show that happens on the stage at Cinderella's Castle throughout the day. We went to see this twice because Kate just loved it. You will see singing, dancing, princesses/princes, and all the main Disney characters. 

We watched the day parade once and it was by far our favorite between the day and night parades. The day parade starts at 3pm. We took a break around 2:15 to have a snack/drink and find a good spot to watch the parade. We watched near The Hall of Presidents and saw the floats as they turned that corner. 

We busted out our glow sticks and found a spot on Main Street to watch the night parade. We weren't blown away by the night parade, but it was good to see once for sure. After the parade, we went to meet Mickey, and headed out of the park as soon as the fireworks started. We didn't want to have to wait for a bus to get back, so we watched the beginning of the fireworks show on the way out.

Ride Recap & Fast Pass:

Swiss Family Tree House: Walk up high in a treehouse, good for all ages.

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin: Easy, good for all ages

Pirates of the Caribbean: We all loved this. Good for most ages, but dark.

Splash Mountain: The day/time we were supposed to ride this, it was shut down, so we didn't get to do it. I would think about FP for this.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad: We rode this twice, once with FP, and once we waited about 35 minutes. We all loved this ride. Same roller coaster effect at Seven Dwarves with half the wait time.

Liberty Square:
Haunted Mansion: We used a FP for this. Steve and I loved it, but the kids buried their faces the entire time. We all survived and they never saw any of it. :)

It's a Small World: We all loved it. Easy, good for all ages.

Peter Pan's Flight: We used a FP for this. The line is unusually long for such a short ride. It's a classic, but nothing we would ever wait on again. Easy and good for younger kids. Didn't live up to the hype for us at all.

Prince Charming Regal Carousel: The kids and I rode the carousel. Kate loves them and hardly any wait.

Mickey's PhilharMagic: We all loved this little 3D movie. It was good to sit and take a break in the air conditioning and it was entertaining.

Enchanted Tales with Belle: Kate really wanted to do this. I would say Kate was one of the oldest kids in our group. You do get to meet Belle and it is interactive. Definitely do with small children. Drew was reluctant to be in this picture… :)

Princess Fairlytale Hall: We did not get a FP to meet Anna & Elsa and the wait is ridiculous. When we got in early for Be Our Guest, we were able to get in line to meet Rapunzel and Cinderella.

Winnie the Pooh: did not ride

Mad Tea Party: did not ride

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train: We FP this and you will need to. We all loved it. It is the one ride we wanted to ride twice, but never got to. Just didn't want to wait in line for 70+ minutes.

Under the Sea: Easy, good for all ages

Dumbo: did not ride

The Barnstormer: We had a FP for this, but lines weren't terrible. A very beginner roller coaster. Short and good for all ages. Once was enough.

Tomorrowland Speedway: Hardly any line. Kids loved driving. Good for all ages.

Space Mountain: did not ride

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin: Kids loved this and we used a FP. Interactive and good for all ages.

We had a magical time at Magic Kingdom! The crowds were definitely the thickest at MK, but it's pretty easy to navigate and find your way. We made sure to use FP for both days that were near each other. MK is large and we needed about 1.5 days to get through everything. If you are stopping to eat and for parades, etc, you will probably need 2 days. Classic Mickey/Minnie souvenirs for the win!

Next up will be Hollywood Studios/Animal Kingdom and then one last post from the our time spent at the beach! 

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  1. Looks like we did all the same things during our recent Disney trip! Although that Fantasy parade looks different and awesome!!! I love that you got int early and got to snap a picture with no one around! We got in early one more for a BOG reservation but it was pouring down rain that morning! Still loved getting in the park early. :)