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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Chalk Wall Winter Bucket List

Every year we add bucket lists to our chalk wall for each season! Our bucket list items are similar over the years, although things have changed since our kids have gotten older. I try to do a little something different with the way the chalkboard looks each year too! I'm going to be running out of ideas soon! Ha! Here is our winter bucket list for 2019 (kids ages 11 and 12 for reference)!
I like to add quotes and accessories to the chalk wall too! I never want anything sticking out or in the way because this is a high traffic zone area! This year, it's COLD HANDS, WARM HEARTS. It's already snowed here, so it seems appropriate!
I found the felt ball garland at Homegoods this year. I use two nails nailed right into the wall to hang the garland. I use regular old cheap chalk on our chalkboard. Sometimes, I use sidewalk chalk if I need additional fun colors. Keeping it simple with red and white this year.
I also hang a mistletoe in this high traffic area. Never know who you might run into here! XO I use a command hook with a hinged hook to hang the mistletoe.

We already have some things crossed off! Please note, we usually never get to everything on the list! This is just a reference and jumping off point, and our kids are well aware of this! Hope you are having a great holiday season making memories with those you love! xo

Here are our Holiday Chalkboards/Home Tours from years past! Boy how things have changed!

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