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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Spooky Halloween Bar Cart

I love to decorate our bar cart for different holidays and seasons! Decorating the bar cart for Halloween might be the most fun though! This year, I decided to go a little "spooky". In our open concept home, the bar cart is easily visible, but it's also tucked in a corner, so decorating it doesn't become extra clutter! It's a small, concentrated space, so changing up even a few things makes a big impact. I smile every time I walk by it. 💀

This year, I decided I wanted to try and use what I already had in my halloween bin. I succeeded, except for one black, studded pumpkin that pulled me in a Target! Ha! I used the large spider outside last year, so I might need to replace him too!
I like to keep the bar cart in use as an actual bar cart. I leave the glasses and "boos" (I had to) as they were. I just add to the existing stuff. It's junky. It's gaudy. It's the name of the game here and what makes a dramatic impact! Adding a black/white letter board is such an easy way to add more black/white and some whimsy. This year I chose "I Smell Children", which my kids got a kick out of.
The faux black flowers and the creepy cloth are from the Dollar Store. Creepy cloth is so easy and fun to use at Halloween! And it's super inexpensive. I reuse it over and over again!
Hope you are having a festive Halloween season so far! It's getting cold here in Kansas City and it's really starting to feel like time to cozy up and light some candles and watch some Halloween movies! And maybe it's time to pour a drink! 😉

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