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Friday, June 14, 2019

Explore Kansas City: Shop Scoobie Boutique

In an effort to bring you more things Kansas City, I'm going to be sharing more of the places I visit! I attended a grand opening event at a local boutique that just opened in The Shops of Prairie Village. It's called Shop Scoobie and it is adorable! This part of town, these shops and restaurants, and dreamy neighborhoods make Prairie Village a place to check out!

The aesthetic of the shop is so good! Full of bright light and pattern and small enough that is feels cozy and intimate. It screams boutique! A great shopping experience!
There are two dressing rooms located in the shop as well as a large bathroom. Good lighting, big mirrors, and helpful employees make try-ons easy!
 And can we talk about this wallpaper in the bathroom?  I need this in my laundry room I think!!
What a fun opening event! If you need a special occasion dress, vacation outfit, or just some pretty clothes for your wardrobe, check out Shop Scoobie in the Shops of Prairie Village!

The owner, Sarah, is as kind as she is adorable! You can also purchase items online at Shop Scoobie!

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