Life Love Larson: October 2018


Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Halloween Front Porch Decor

I'm calling this the "creepier" porch because our kids (ages 11 and almost 10) decided this year that we needed to go a little "scarier" with our porch decorating. It's still not the caliber they want because I will never part with my plants or pumpkins (ha!), but we did add a few things this year.  I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking! Let's get started!
I like to take my summer ferns into fall! These Kimberly Queens have been doing well all summer in this spot and are still doing well into late October. They are the gift that keep on giving! Staggering their height and adding some colorful mums help flank the door. Pop in some witch legs (Target last year), a broomstick (old from Tuesday Morning), and a large spider (Party City this year), and you're done!
I also believe if your mums and/or ferns begin to die, leave them! They add to the appeal! It's genius! You don't have a black thumb, you're just doing more "decorating"!
I also changed up our layered rugs for fall. Both rugs are from Kirklands. The bottom rug is an indoor rug, but it can be washed, so I'm making it work out here! I love the texture and pattern it adds. You can't ever go wrong with black/white!
This dead bride and her mate make up our "wreath"! His face changes colors! These were inexpensive from Menards and Ross. And that creepy bat just hangs from fishing wire from our lantern. He's from Party City!
I picked up several large pumpkins from Aldi a few weeks ago for under $3 each! Such a great way to make an impact on a porch on the cheap! One of the pumpkins is rotting, but again, I like it like that! It adds to the feel, so leave it! Unless it stinks! The faux spider is from Dollar Tree.
Moving to the other side of the porch, I knew I wanted to pull the trigger on some life-size skeletons this year. Every year I think about it and never do it, so this was the year! I ended up purchasing these guys from Walmart!
And my nine year old daughter is actually the one who decided to put one in chains and dress the other as a witch. I just love these two! Ha! And we added the Insane Asylum sign right behind them. And eventually added creepy cloth because creepy cloth is EVERYTHING!

A dead raven next to your mum makes it look less "pretty", right??
And last but not least, we added this creepy animated doorbell that talks to you when you push it! This is my kid's favorite part of the whole porch! We just nailed a small nail right next to the actual doorbell. We are hoping kids will push it on Halloween night!

Here is a wide shot of the whole porch. I did add tons of creepy cloth to finish everything off! Everything just looks better with it! We hammered nails to the inside of the porch walls to hang it from and it works perfectly!
And here are a few night shots, because it's just more fun that way!

Thanks for checking out our "scarier" front porch. At least scarier than last year so my kids are happy! This month is just flying by! Hope you are enjoying all that comes with October! XO
Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Halloween Bar Cart

Yay! It's October! Such a fun time of year! I got home from work yesterday and decided to bust out the one Halloween bin from the basement. I've learned over the years to just go with things when it comes to decorating. Sometimes I'm not into it at all, even when I know I want a change. And sometimes I come home from work and something compels me to the basement to get the Halloween bin and start decorating my bar cart??!! Like I said, I just go with it!

I'm not a huge seasonal decorator outside of Christmastime, but I do love Halloween! I'm a sucker for a good skull! And our bar cart is one of the spaces in our home that is so easy to change up for the seasons or for a party. I find them to be so versatile! Ours is in the dining room, but visible from everywhere on the first floor because we have an open concept. It allows me to "decorate" without it getting in the way of normal every day life. I've linked up some bar carts at the bottom of this post! Our is vintage!
I love a junked up bar cart. I think the more on them, the cooler they look. Because it's a "bar cart", I always keep the booze and the glassware, etc, and just add a few tweaks. In this case, everything I added I already owned, an most of it is from the Dollar store! That's why Halloween is so fun! It doesn't have to cost a lot to get good results!
All from the Dollar store: glitter skeleton head, white skeleton head, black roses, spider, and creepy cloth. The black vase was a Target clearance rack several years ago, and the black candlesticks are from Hobby Lobby.  I did find a free printable and put in a frame I had laying around. This is also a simple way to help change up your look! Free printables are everywhere!
The kids came home from school and got all excited to see this done! Next up will be the mantel and the porch and that will be it!
Check your local Dollar store for all the fun goodies to decorate with! It doesn't have to cost a lot!
And now I think I might need an excuse to throw a little party! I hope you are all having a fantastic start to your fall!