Life Love Larson: July 2018


Thursday, July 5, 2018

DIY Drop Cloth Curtains

Well, it's only taken me five years to blog about these drop cloth curtains! Oh my goodness! I still have people ask me about these all the time, and I have seen several neighbors put these up at their own homes. I found this idea on Pinterest. I am well aware that there are a million tutorials in the blogosphere about these, but here is my shortened version. Just message me if you have additional questions! You can shop the post towards the bottom!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Patriotic Front Porch

Hello friends! I'm titling this post "Patriotic" Front Porch instead of "4th of July" Front Porch because you could use this look on Memorial Day, flag day, or really the whole month of July in my opinion! I love red/white/blue all year long, but especially in the summer. There is just something so heart warming and nostalgic about it! If you see anything you like, you can now shop this post!