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Friday, May 18, 2018

DIY Mounted Staghorn Fern

Hi friends! It's officially summer for me (my last day of teaching was Wednesday), and my own kids get out one week from today! I'm hoping to get my act together and bust out some blog posts this summer! I have lots to catch up on because projects are constantly happening over here! Instagram is awesome because it's so quick and easy to share, but blog posts stay out in the universe forever, so I need to keep plugging away!

Of course this little DIY has to do with plants. Imagine that!  I was inspired by something I saw at Anthropologie over Christmas break when I was shopping with my mom and my sister. We saw an amazing Staghorn Fern inside a terra cotta pot inside a macrame planter. Three of my favorite things ever all combined into one. Inspiration is everywhere! When I got home, I decided I need some Staghorn Ferns in my life and in my home! So, I ran to my local nursery and purchased two small ones. One is in a terrarium on my plant shelves, and one is now mounted!

I did a little research and looked at a few tutorials and it seemed pretty straightforward. I needed the plant, a wood piece, fishing line, sphagnum peat moss, and some sheet moss from the craft store.

The wood board was a $10 find at Ross. I love the circular shape. I started by hammering in 4 nails (eyeball always).
Next, I soaked some sheet moss and placed it inside the nails. I did not attach the moss to anything yet.
Next, I soaked some peat moss and added a layer of that on top of the sheet moss. I didn't take a pic of this, sorry! I was anxious to get it done! I then took the fern out of the container it came in and shook off the excess soil. I placed the entire thing on top of the other layers. Make sure the "horns" are facing the direction you want them to go! You will next need to attach some fishing line to one of the nails and start wrapping and securing the plant. This part is a little tricky, but you will be surprised how secure the plant will become when you keep on wrapping!
It's okay to see some of the wire. The plant will eventually grow into the space and you won't eventually see it. From my research, this is really all the plant needs to become established. I have been soaking the entire plant in water and letting it dry out in between waterings. I have recently moved it to the back patio for the summer. I'm hoping the humidity and the rain and the sunshine will really make it grow so I can bring it in for the fall/winter. More to come on our back patio space makeover!
There are two types of leaves on the Staghorn, the green ones and the brown ones. Don't pick off the brown ones! New green leaves will start to develop making more "horns". Here is the inspiration photo from Anthropologie. Can you believe it grows so well indoors! All that flourescent lighting I guess! My local nursery had an absolutely huge one that had been growing for a few years there. I was awestruck!
And when we went to Thailand this March, I was blown away by seeing these in their natural habitat! These were all growing out of a tree on the property where we went to bathe elephants. Absolutely stunning!
These small Staghorn Ferns were not expensive. I bought two small ones for $5.99 each. These are slow growing, but I'm excited to see them grow over the years. I'll do another post on the one in the terrarium. I'm thinking an entire wall of these would be so cool! I'm also thinking I might have my husband hang this one outside against our house for the summer. I need some artwork for a small space, and what is better than living art??!! Happy planting my friends! xo

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