Life Love Larson: May 2018


Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Black Woven Pendant Lights

We (my husband) installed some new pendants lights over our kitchen island this winter! We have lived in our home for going on 6.5 years. We picked out two inexpensive industrial pendants when we moved in and I liked them fo a long time. I just decided I needed a change. It's a syndrome over here! I wanted something with texture and I wanted something large scale. I also didn't want to spend a ton of money because I like to change things too often. If I spend too much, I feel married to it, and I never want to feel that way (much to my husband's dismay)! :)

Friday, May 18, 2018

DIY Mounted Staghorn Fern

Hi friends! It's officially summer for me (my last day of teaching was Wednesday), and my own kids get out one week from today! I'm hoping to get my act together and bust out some blog posts this summer! I have lots to catch up on because projects are constantly happening over here! Instagram is awesome because it's so quick and easy to share, but blog posts stay out in the universe forever, so I need to keep plugging away!

Of course this little DIY has to do with plants. Imagine that!  I was inspired by something I saw at Anthropologie over Christmas break when I was shopping with my mom and my sister. We saw an amazing Staghorn Fern inside a terra cotta pot inside a macrame planter. Three of my favorite things ever all combined into one. Inspiration is everywhere! When I got home, I decided I need some Staghorn Ferns in my life and in my home! So, I ran to my local nursery and purchased two small ones. One is in a terrarium on my plant shelves, and one is now mounted!