Life Love Larson: DIY Modern Fall Wreath


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

DIY Modern Fall Wreath

I have long been making DIY wreaths for my front door, but this Modern Fall Wreath might be my favorite to date! I wanted to create something modern for fall, and this was simple to assemble and create.

I scoured Pinterest for inspiration. I knew I wanted to use greenery with touches of pink, blush, white, and wine for the color scheme. I eventually decided to use an embroidery hoop for a base and set off to Michaels to pick out some faux flower stems. I started pulling stems that appealed to me and laid them out right on the floor at Michaels. I'm a visual person! Several of these flowers were from the clearance "summer" section, and the others were all 40% off. I also picked up a large embroidery hoop for $3.99.
Aside from the stems and the hoop, I also used floral wire (get this at Dollar Tree) and wire cutters from our tool box to complete this DIY.
To assemble the wreath, I started laying the stems together so they were facing downward. I wanted the stems to be on the side of the hoop, facing downward for something different. After situating the flowers and moving them around to where I wanted them, I used floral wire and wrapped the stems tightly to secure them to the embroidery hoop. I cut off excess stems that were too long. After getting the majority of the stems secured, I filled in the spaces with smaller flower pieces by just sliding them in and under the floral wire. I added the moss sticks at the end to create a bit of whimsy.
Assembling the wreath and getting the flowers situated is the most time consuming part, but I was done with this in about 15 minutes. And this is the most creative part, which I love! There is no right or wrong, just go with it! I did not use any glue on this wreath and even in our Kansas winds, this wreath held up wonderfully! I've had no issues with flowers falling down and it looked the same after five weeks on my door as it did the day I put it up!
I used a gold wreath hanger on the door and a long piece of leather cording to hang the wreath from the hanger. The black leather adds a little bit of a modern touch.
I put this wreath up at the end of August and took it down at the beginning of October. I might put it back out for spring as well!
This wreath is simple and modern, but still packs a punch! I love blush, plum, and pink tones, so I decided to go with what I love (even if it's a bit nontraditional for fall).
The possibilities are endless when using faux stems because there are just so many to choose from! You can make your own custom wreath in no time at all for any season of the year! I hope you are all having a wonderful fall! xo


  1. BEAUTIFUL - love the colors!
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  2. Thanks so much for sharing with us at What to do Weekends, Andrea! I love your modern wreath! Pinned and featuring you tonight @ Shoestring Elegance. So glad you joined the party!
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