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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Large Black/White Framed Photos

Hi friends! Hope September is treating you well so far! Everyone is back to school, I'm back teaching preschool, and our busy fall schedule is in full force. I just love this time of year.

I wanted to quickly share an easy home project that I get asked a lot of questions about. These black/white framed photos of my kids are certainly not anything new, but for some reason I get asked a lot about them so I wanted to share some details.

Two years ago, Steve and I were in Chicago and I was inspired by some black/white photos of children I saw in a store. They were basic and simple and I was drawn to them. We don't have a lot of wall space on our first floor, but this little wall needed something, so I came home and took some shots of the kids.

I am not a photographer. These were taken in front of our garage (which happens to be an almost black color) on a whim after school one day. I love that Drew is actually wearing his soccer practice shirt in this photo. And that Kate's hair was tied back all day that day and a it's a little messy. I love that they look like themselves in these photos, with genuine smiles. Don't make it hard! Sometimes photos done on a whim can be the best ones!
I edited these photos on my Mac and made sure to make the background really dark so their faces stand out. I sent them off to Costco photo to be printed in size 11 x 14. Costco prints large photo paper prints for cheap! The frames are from Homegoods, each under $15. I removed the mat of the frame, which I think people sometimes forget to do. Removing the mat makes the prints look a little more graphic.
We don't have a lot of framed photos in our home, so I cherish these on the first floor! I sit in this chair more than any other spot to drink coffee, work on my computer, and read magazines. It's kind of a random little nook, but it's one of my favorites.

It might be time to update the photos soon! Kate still has her baby teeth in her photo! Steve just hung two long shelves for me in our upstairs hallway that I will be filling with frames and family photos. It's so overwhelming, I just keep putting it off! I'm planning to use both black and white and color photos in that space. Have a great weekend! xo

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