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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

DIY Faux Succulent Terrarium

Hello friends! Thanks for all your kind comments and feedback on the Fall Home Tour! It seems many of you don't have "bins" of fall decor and you love a simple and cozy feel like me. I also had someone tell me it didn't look like children lived here! I assure you kids DO live here and this house is very "lived" in! I don't include kid's bedrooms and our playroom in the tour because I don't decorate those rooms for holidays, and the chances of those rooms being a mess is very high! And I don't zoom in on photos of crumbs on the floor and stray socks in the hallway and mudroom clutter because that's not really what people are interested in! The beauty of finding budget friendly decor is that everyone is welcome to put their feet up and eat/drink in our living room and treat our home as if it's their own. Nothing in our home is too precious to not "live" here and that's how I prefer it!

I wanted to quickly share this faux succulent terrarium that literally took me less than five minutes to assemble. It's about the easiest DIY, so I'm not really sure it needs a tutorial, but I wanted to source the items. I was inspired by Cella Jane for this DIY. I saw it in her Instastory and wanted to try and create the same look!

The items used for this are the glass/wood vessel, faux succulents, and white rocks. That's it! Super simple!
These faux succulents were on clearance at Target. I was impressed by how real the air plants looked! You know how much I love my real plants, but I do find succulents hard to grow indoors. I always pull my succulents outdoors for the summer and they thrive. I feel they struggle indoors, so this is an easy solution for never having to tend to this again! I think faux here and there is perfectly fine, but always, always, always have real ones throughout your home!
Target also sells white rock fillers, but I knew I could find them cheaper at Dollar Tree. I used two packs of white rock.
I simply added the rock and stuck the faux plants in! I think five looks perfect in this larger vessel.

I moved it around the house deciding where to place it. I finally landed in our dining room. I like how it looks on our black table and it's low enough that it doesn't compete with our chandelier.
A terrarium is so easy to make with any glass vessel, plants, and rock! I just love ours! I know places like Hobby Lobby and Michaels sell faux succulents if your Target doesn't have any left. I think this would be such a pretty gift to give as well! xo

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