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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

"Forever a Plant Lady" Printable

Hello friends! I sent my kids off to third and fourth grade this morning! They are so fun right now, I wasn't ready for them to be gone yet! But, I'm confident in their confidence, which is all I could ever hope for! And I'm back on day one of them being gone to blog - yay!

I few weeks back, I got an email from FTD with a sweet printable attached. Somehow they knew that I am a "self-professed" plant lady, plant hoarder, and overall plant obsessed person! This printable could not be more perfect! The colors and message seem as though it was made for me.

I very recently put some shelves up in my master bathroom with the sole intent of having them be plant shelves. I thought this print would add just the right touch.
I think my love of plants stems from my mom who always had plants in our home (and still does)! She loves working in the yard and she is my go-to plant lady whenever I have plant related questions. My sister also has a household full of plants, so it must just run in the family! You can never have enough is my general rule of thumb!
Plants add life and color and fresh air to a home and space. If you have a ton of plants, you need this printable in your life! If you don't have any or only a few, go buy some more and become a " forever plant lady"! I think this could make a sweet gift for a teacher or friend or coworker! Simply print, frame, and give with a small plant. Easy!
You can access this free 8 X 10 printable by clicking here! A huge thanks for FTD for reaching out and sharing this with me! I just love it! xo

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