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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Updated Outdoor Lights

Several weeks ago, I decided to start looking around for new outdoor lights for the sides of the garage. We've lived in our home for 5.5 years and the original lights were getting faded and they weren't at all my taste. They were fine, but I knew we could do better. I'm BIG on curb appeal and small updates that don't cost a lot! I considered just taking the existing ones down and spray painting them, but that still wouldn't have helped that fact that I just didn't really like them. So, after a little digging and looking online, we ultimately ended up with these new ones from Lowes. So much better, right?!

The decision for which ones to purchase was based on several things...size/scale, price, looks, and did they go with the "look" of the house. We liked that these had a lot of black on them, they were streamlined but not too modern, and the Edison bulb looks so much better (came with the light fixture too)! At $89 each, the price seemed right too!
I would have loved to go really large scale with these lights, but we were limited on space because of the stone lip you see here as well as where the original electrical was placed. We thought these filled up the space we had to work with. I think so many homes have lights that are too small! The bigger the better on these in my opinion, especially if you have a larger home with space to do it!
My hubby is our resident handyman, and I am so thankful for that! He had these babies up in no time (with minimal complaining :).
I found several lights online that I really liked, but I am a visual person and I thought it was easiest to purchase from a store so I could hold them up and return if I didn't love them. We knew right away these were keepers.
I'm not sure anyone else even notices this change, but it makes me happy! Ha! I notice and care about this kind of stuff! Here is another before...
And after...
This was such an easy curb appeal update! Click here to see the exterior paint update we made a few years ago! xo

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  1. What a wonderful idea! Atleast this chalkboard wall gives you a constant reminder to do the fun things and set priorities. I just love the quote, yes the world has a lot to offer, all we need to do is a little will to come out of our comfort zone and enjoy.