Thursday, April 6, 2017

Leather Sofas + Kilim Throw Pillows

I have partnered with Kilim Pillow Store for this post. All opinions are 100% my own. 

We finished our basement last year, and it is slowly but surely being tweaked to fit our needs and our style. It's hard to remember life before the basement because we use it so much! In the middle of construction, I decided I wanted to move our large leather sofa/loveseat from the living room to the basement. I had been wanting a new sofa for the living room for a long time, and the leather pieces were still in perfect condition, so a transition to the basement seemed like the "right" design decision.
And most recently, I've added texture, color, and a bit of edge to the leather with these amazing kilim throw pillows from Kilim Pillow Store. I've never owned any kilim pillows prior, which is just crazy, because I'm a sucker for all things shoes and throw pillows!

These pillows would look amazing on just about any piece of furniture, but there is something about them up against a dark leather sofa that feels very bohemian and casual and fit for a basement lounge space.

The pillows are all cut from the same kilim rug and made into pillows. This means they coordinate, but aren't matchy matchy. I love them paired with other textured pillows that really help them stand out.
Kilim Pillow Store has a HUGE selection of pillow covers. These are 16 x 16 inch covers. I used inserts I already had in my "pillow" closet. Yes, that's a thing at our house. ;) I scoured over the site and had the hardest time choosing which patterns/colors I wanted to go with. The ones I chose have just enough color, some grey/black, and they coordinate with that large canvas art.
These pillow covers have a a beige fabric backing, zipper close, and have the most amazing texture on the front. These could be used on a bed, sofa, leather chair...the possibilities are endless. The rest of our home is bright and airy and I like that these pillows make our basement feel different from the rest of our house. More casual and unique. I love the way they update the leather sofas too. The best part, especially for this self professed bargain shopper, is that these pillow covers are super affordable! Great style and a great price is so up my alley.
Thanks to Kilim Pillow Store for helping to make our basement a little more cool and colorful! You can check out their huge selection of colors and patterns by clicking here! xo



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