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Friday, March 3, 2017

New Foyer Rug

Hello friends and happy Friday! I'm so excited to show you a new addition to our home! My kids wish that addition was a dog, but mean mom over here isn't ready for that! I'd rather take care of kids and home decor items instead! :) I'm a little bit rug obsessed, and this new one is just a show stopper. I'm in love to say the least.

This beauty is from Unique Rug Store, and online rug store based in Istanbul, Turkey. I was so excited when approached by them to review and blog about a rug of my choice. I debated several places I "needed" a rug, and the foyer of our home eventually won out. We used to have a grey rug in this space, which was totally fine, but sort of boring and something you overlooked. We recently had new gray stair carpet installed and the gray on gray wasn't doing anything for me. There is no chance you are overlooking the foyer rug now!
I poured over this website for days, and consulted my husband and mom and sister over it. I kept going back and forth between a vintage blue, or something with a pattern. My gut, however, was telling me to go bold. I have an affinity for bright rugs (kitchen and upstairs hallway and office) but I wasn't quite sure if I should add another. Is there such a thing as overkill on bright rugs?? Finally, when it was all said and done, I just went with my initial gut. I knew the foyer wasn't competing with anything like furniture or pillows, and I knew it would look amazing to have something so striking right when you walk in the front door.
I chose a 5.5 x 8.10 foot rug for the foyer. It pretty much takes up the entire space, but I absolutely LOVE the scale of it. It speaks to me. It is so me and I love that. I'm not afraid of pops of color, and this one is certainly bold, but with a subtle pattern. It's not overwhelming me or the space at all. It just fits right in with the rest of the house. And I have a husband who trusts my design style, even if it involves fuchsia!
The only thing to consider when choosing a rug for this space was obviously size, and the stair carpet we just had installed in the fall. It is dark grey with a white pattern throughout. Some of the rugs I loved on the website just wouldn't have looked good up against the carpet. This was another reason for choosing more of a solid color rug. I realize this has a pattern, but it's pretty much a neutral pattern in my book. :) I love the way the two patterns look up against each other.
This fuchsia rug is vintage, yet modern. This rug is definitely more "fuchsia" in color than pink. It's not purple or pink, but somewhere right in the middle. I love that it has a little white on the edges. The pattern has hints of navy and a wine color throughout.
This is a vintage overdyed rug from Unique Rug Store. The website states this "Colored Vintage carpets are produced from older Turkish carpets of at least 40-50 years of age. Each carpet is carefully selected and undergoes a unique process of colour neutralisation before being over-dyed in an exciting new colour. The result is a mix of traditional Turkish carpet design fused with a contemporary Vintage style.Each rug is unique by size and by color."
Unique rug store has free shipping world wide! This rug was packaged well (folded up into a square instead of a long roll) and came quickly. I have no doubt the rug will stand up to foot traffic at the front door over the years. As soon as I opened it, I just knew I made the right choice for the space! I do have a floor pad underneath the rug to help keep it from sliding on the hardwood floors.
There are so many options and sizes to choose from on the website. I found the website easy to navigate between styles, colors, and sizes. I felt the product I was sent looked exactly like the product on the website. No surprises, which I love, since it was coming from Turkey! It's such a fun rug, I just love it so much. And it's a fun backdrop for photos since it's so BOLD!
Here is the view into the dining room and as you come down the stairs.
The color of the rug looks different at different angles and in different lights...
When you order from a place like Unique Rug Store, you can really feel as though no one else is  going to have something like this. Hence, the "unique" part. In a suburban world where everything looks the same on the outside, I like that our home reflects us in a unique way. This rug now sets the tone for our home the minute you walk in the door! I know a rug like this isn't for everyone. I totally get it. There are so many neutral rugs on their site, as well as blues, pinks, greens, yellows, etc. They also sell Kilim Rugs if that is something you are looking for.

The rug in this post was offered to me by Unique Rug Store, but all photos and opinions expressed are my own. I have included links to Unique Rug Stores social media outlets as well as their website. I guarantee you will find something you love!




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  1. Your rug is stunning! I love it! And the color compliments the grey carpeting on the stairs and your dark wood floors. I also love how you added accent pillows in the chairs. But I think large glass containers in shades of fuchsia would be lovely instead of the blue ones on your table - just a thought.