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Thursday, January 12, 2017

NYC at Christmastime

Happy New Year! It's hard to believe January is almost half way over! I don't love winter, so January and February can just move right along if you ask me!

Steve had a work trip planned to New York in December, so we decided it was a good time for me to tag along again! I've been to NYC with him in the summer, but this was my first time in the winter and at Christmastime. This should be on everyone's bucket list - there's something so magical about a big city during the holidays!

We made it to NYC, but not before some drama! We had a really bad ice storm overnight the night before we were supposed to leave. We hopped in the car around 4:45 to head to the airport, which is 45 minutes from our house, and made it about 10 minutes before realizing we were in for some super scary white-knuckle driving. Quite frankly no one should have been out, but we had a plane to catch! At 5:00am, we were creeping along, slid down a small incline and rammed into a cop car that had just arrived at that same intersection because of two other accidents. Needless to say, the cop was very understanding. It was like an ice rink getting to and from the cars. Our car was badly damaged and we missed our flight. We were barely able to drive our car home, and then tried to get out on a noon flight. We quickly realized the roads were not much better and turned back around. Finally, we left on a 4pm flight the following day and made it just in time to check in and walk around near our hotel. We stayed in mid-town, right near the famous Macy's.

I just love that you can walk everywhere in a big city. The energy is like no other. And walking kept me warm!
Steve had meetings, etc, so I did a lot of walking and exploring by myself. I love this time by myself. I feel alive in a big city, navigating the streets, people watching, something new around every corner.
I sat at Bryant park for a while and watched the ice skaters and took pictures of other tourists for them. The weather was cold, but it's fun to be bundled up!
We decided on night one we would do a Broadway show. We stood in line to get half-priced tickets the day of the show, and got excellent seats to see Kinky Boots. It was the highlight of the trip for me. I love musical theater, and Todrick Hall was thrilling to watch! The whole cast was amazing...the music, the colors, and it was so funny. I wish we could have gone to see a show every night we were there!
Before the show, we took the subway to Lillie's, a quaint little moody bar decked out for Christmas. And apparently we like to dress alike when we travel together! :)
The next day I explored Rock Center and looked at the windows and walked along 5th Avenue. Everything is so elaborate and beautiful and the attention to detail is unreal. Quintessential NYC. And one of these times, I will see Jimmy Fallon tape a show. He is my celebrity crush, the one person I would pick to have lunch or a drink with. Funny gets me every time. 

The next day I explored the financial district, and Wall Street. It seems there is an amazing Christmas tree on every corner! Another day, another gorgeous tree. I love this shot with the American flags.
Steve loves coming to NYC for work, and gets to come often. He's mastered the subway and often gets asked for directions when he's there. If people only new he hails from Kansas!
We took a quick afternoon stroll through Central Park...
And I was lucky enough to accompany Steve to one of his client's buildings (200 Park Ave.) for some breathtaking views of the city from the rooftop of the building, 58 stories high. I don't love heights, but for this, I was brave! A once in a lifetime view!

That evening we stopped in at The Dead Rabbit for a famous Irish Coffee. It was so good, we could have drank 10 of them! A quaint, dark little place that we would highly recommend for a drink.
Another day, another tree! This one was in South Street Seaport area, a non-touristy, off the beaten path spot.
Walking the streets at night...
And Rock Center at night...

And on our final night, some neighbors and good friends of ours were also in NY, so we met up at Bryant Park. So fun seeing familiar faces in such a fun atmosphere.
Though we lost two days because of an ice storm, our time in NYC couldn't have been better. Not pictured are the pizzas and bagels we consumed. :) We got an upgrade to first class on the way home (perks of traveling with a guy who travels a lot), and we were ready to see our kiddos!
We are blessed to have my young, retired parents just 3 hours away who are willing and able to watch our kids so we can get away a lot. They make this all happen for us! We love our kids, but we love traveling without them and we think it's important to make it a priority. Travel is such a gift. It is the best education. It makes you see the world and your life in a new way. I will never take it for granted. Hope you have something fun on the horizon! xo

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