Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Weekend Recap

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We headed to Iowa to spend Easter with my family. Apparently we missed a little snow in KC, but that's okay with me. I would rather not see it this time of year! :) Here is our obligatory Easter family photo. Any time I can get Drew in a collared shirt and khakis, it's worth documenting!

We made it to an egg hunt on Saturday morning. The thrill of the hunt is more exciting than what's inside for my kids.

A shot of my sister's dining room. We have very similar taste in home decor and have many of the same items in our home (we can do that because we live 3 hours away from each other)! I love, love their large round table and chairs (they brought it home from Singapore) with seating for eight! Always consider round if your room can handle it!

Lots of family getting together means lots of family photos. Here is four generations of women. My mom, me, my niece, my grandma, Kate, and my sister. 

Might be related....ha!

Drew also received his First Communion last Thursday. It hurts my heart to see him grow up so fast, but I'm so proud of the young man he is becoming. He fills us up with his genuine and happy spirit. And yes, he is wearing the same outfit here as he did at Easter. He normally dresses pretty casual for church, so "church" clothes are few and far between for him! :)

At one of his First Communion classes...looking way too old, make it stop!!

I hope your weekend was fantastic! I'm looking forward to a weekend at home working in the yard and getting a few projects done in between soccer games. xo

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Home Tour - 2016

Spring has finally arrived in Kansas City! The first signs of green popping up in the yard makes this girl's heart happy! Warmer and longer days, working in the yard, and eating outside are all on their way! I've teamed up with Marty from A Stroll Thru Life, along with several other home, design, and DIY bloggers to share our spring homes with you! If you are stopping by from Remodelando la Casa, I'm so happy to have you here!

Per usual, I don't do a ton of "decorating" for the seasons, but I do love to switch things up and add fresh flowers. Over the years, I have cleaned out all seasonal items that I thought I "should" put out, and now I only use what speaks to me and what I love. Our home lends itself to spring all year long because of my love for fresh greenery, plants, and the color pink!

In an effort to keep things real, these photos were taken to provide inspiration, this is not an indication of how our home looks every day! I love to decorate and change things up and have a comfortable and inviting home, but we also are real people with busy lives. We have piles and messes and shoes strewn about, and dust bunnies and unmade beds, and crumbs on the counters at any given time. My kitchen island is never as clean as it looks in these photos! And thank goodness you can't see my baseboards... :)

Now, let's get started! I made this DIY tulip wreath last year, and it's one of my favorite DIY's to date. The colors make me happy and looks great off of our black door. Come on inside!

Our first floor is open concept and right upon entering the front door, you can see the dining room and  great room.  

Our dining room rarely gets used, but it's one of my favorite rooms in the house. Flowering branches from Trader Joe's make for a festive and inexpensive addition to the room. Thrift store artwork, vintage chandelier, greenery, and striped curtains keep this space classic, but bold.

I always have fun switching up the bar cart. I added some free printables and faux flowers to the existing cart and now it feels spring-like!

Our living room already has pinks and blues and lots of plants and gets a ton of natural light. I styled the mantel for spring and changed up the coffee table a little bit. 

Our living room flows into our kitchen eating area where I simply added a centerpiece using tulips and marbleized eggs. My kids and I made the eggs using a nail polish and water technique and they turned out so graphic and unique!

We've recently added a bright pink runner to our kitchen space, so that says spring all year long! I love the pop so much. Adding some more branches keeps this space simple and clean.

I also added another free printable to our kitchen chalkboard using Washi tape. You simply can't go wrong with tulips in any color, but I like pink or white.

We recently spruced up our home office a little bit and it feels spring-like to me in and of itself. This room gets a lot of natural light and is filled with plants and bright colors.  My husband's side is more "work-ish", so my side gets to be in all the photos (since it's prettier)! :)

Clearly, as you can see from the final photo, I am fresh out of ideas and I'll wrap it up! I always have fun participating in these home tours. I've always loved making our home feel cozy and fresh and new again. Don't forget, fresh flowers, plants, and pops of color go a long way!

I hope you enjoyed a getting a little sneak peak into our home and thank you so much for stopping by. Next on the tour is Carmel from Our Fifth House. I thought we moved a lot until I started following her blog! We are only on our sixth state and fourth house! I can't wait to see her spring home tour in her new home in Charleston! Links to all 30 home tours are below! Happy spring! xo



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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Marbleized Eggs Using Nail Polish + 2016 Spring Home Tours

Hello! Happy March and happy spring! Things are greening up in KC and I couldn't be happier about that. We are headed out of town for Easter weekend, but we wanted to decorate eggs this week and I'm also using them in my spring home tour decor (see below)!

Last year we dyed eggs with shaving cream and they turned out great. Messy, but great. This year, we tried marbleizing eggs using nail polish and water. They turned out very cool! Almost graffiti-ish and very abstract, which I just love. This project is super simple and can be done in minutes.

We used solo cups, paper plates, plastic spoons, paper straws, nail polish, water, and of course, some hard boiled eggs. I have a stash of nail polish and Kate has several cheapies we used. The neon colors turned out fun, and the blue polish was a hit too!

We filled the cups with enough water to cover an egg. You want the water to be room temperature/warm. We then added drops of nail polish in different colors and stirred the mixture around. Carefully drop an egg in the water and sort of swirl it around until the egg starts to take on the colors of the nail polish. We used a paper straw to stir. A wooden stir stick would probably be best. A plastic spoon will take on the color, so avoid that. The sides of the cup will also take on the colors, but the egg will get covered as well.

After the egg has the color you want, fish it out with a plastic spoon and set them on paper plates to dry. It's amazing how the colors stick to the egg! I sort of let the kids run wild with color choices and no matter the combination, they all turned out vibrant and unique!

This obviously could be a messy project but it really wasn't. I assisted with putting the color in the cups. Make sure you put something down on whatever surface you are working on! We switched out cups and water often. We also found that if an egg doesn't turn out how you want it to, throw it back in some water and add more to it.

It's fun trying a new technique every year! 

And speaking of spring, I'm participating in a 2016 Spring Home Tours hosted by Marty @ A Stroll Thru Life. She has invited 30 bloggers to share their spring homes and my tour will go live on Thursday! I hope you will check out all of these great blogs and get inspired! I will update this post each day with updated links! 

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