Life Love Larson: DIY Colorful Abstract Art (So Easy a Child Did It)!


Monday, November 28, 2016

DIY Colorful Abstract Art (So Easy a Child Did It)!

Hi friends! I've recently been scrolling through thousands of photos on my Mac trying to clean up duplicates and delete anything that is clogging up space. While doing this, I came across several photos of projects I never blogged about! This DIY is from an embarrassingly long time ago (2 years, ahem)! Better late than never, right?!

Kate painted this abstract painting when she was 6 years old and it has been hanging in our bathroom off the kitchen for that long. I just LOVE it! There were no intentions at the time of having her work commissioned for our home ;), it just turns out that I fell in love with it and had a frame that worked for it.

I only have one photo from the day she painted it. I busted out some acrylic paints and a poster board and let her have at it. The way the colors work together, with a pop of black, is just right up my alley.
The thing about kids is that they just don't care about perfection or screwing it up, so they just go with it. Most adults are scared to pick up a paintbrush, but kids paint for the fun of it, making them the best abstract artists around! And how wonderful to have something hanging in our home, in a prominent spot, that was made by someone who lives in the home. It adds just the right touch of modern, whimsy, and sentiment to the space (despite it being right above the toilet)! :)
The large frame/mat was a thrift store find. I used some Rubb n' Buff to give the edges a brass look. A custom piece of artwork for that in total cost less than $10, including the frame! I'll take it! xo


  1. i could TRY to do that, and it would look horrible. maybe she could paint me one, lol.