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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

DIY: (Re)Staining Our Kitchen Table

It's been awhile since I've posted about a DIY project, and this one is a long time coming! I restained our kitchen table LAST summer and am just getting around to blogging about it. Yes...last summer. I realize it's pretty pathetic! But better late than never, right? I figure I have to post before this table becomes yet another color or we get a new one!

If you have been reading for a really long time, you will remember this kitchen table has previously been stained by me before. Apparently, I just can't get rid of this table! And I actually have no desire to get rid of it. It functions well, it's sturdy, it seats six, it fits our space. There are a lot more things I would rather purchase for this house, so until I completely tire of it, I will just keep changing it up! You can read all about the first time I stained this table here. The pictures are small and my taste was different, but that's the beauty of home decor. I love looking back to see how things have changed. So, in short, this table has been oak (original), stained a dark walnut (in 2010), and now a gray wash (2015). Wow, this table has been around a while!

Here is the table before. I didn't hate this stain, but we have dark hardwood floors in this house, and it was just too much dark wood. I dragged the table and 4 chairs out to the garage and sanded the heck out of them with a hand sander. I can't remember which grit I used but I know I asked at Home Depot and they were helpful. I wasn't able to get it completely down to the bare wood, but that was okay with me to have some darker spots.
After wiping down the table, I started applying the stain, leaving several hours in between coats. I used Minwax Classic Gray - 271. I watered down the stain because it was looking too dark upon my first initial try. I had to sand it off and start again. Watering down the stain gave it more of a washed look. After I achieved the color I was going for, I applied the poly. I used several coats of this because we use this table daily and it needed good protection.

Lastly, I picked up some new knobs at Homegoods. This table has four drawers that pull out, which we never use, but the knobs are fun to change out. They are almost identical to some Anthropologie ones I was eyeing and I got all 4 of them for $10! I love how they add the finishing little bit of jewelry to the table.
I love the gray wash of the new table. It seems more us! We also added those ink blue chairs to the set a few years ago. I love the color and texture it adds to the table.
You might want to rethink that old table and chairs! A little stain and some new end chairs can really go a long way! xo

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  1. This project is on my to-do list also. Thanks for the guidance. ;)