Life Love Larson: String Lights on the Front Porch


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

String Lights on the Front Porch

I'm currently blogging on the back patio on a gorgeous afternoon! In between rain storms, it's been warm and sunny. Baseball is in full force around here, kids are out of school in 10 days, and it's really starting to feel like summer is just around the corner. I love it!

I've been working on sprucing up our landscaping, potting plants, moving perennials around, and getting our porch ready for summer. I'll post daylight pics of the porch soon, but for now I wanted to talk about adding string lights to our covered porch.

It's difficult to photograph these when it's dark, so this is as good as I could get. It seems everyone has string lights on their back porches around here, including us. They add such ambiance to a space. I decided this year, it would be fun to be different and add some lights to the front porch too!

I love, love, love having a covered front porch. It was not something I ever knew I wanted and now I'm not sure I could be without one. We spend a lot of time on this porch, in those rockers...drinking coffee, watching the kids play, having drinks with friends. I decided that adding string lights to the front porch would also make this space feel cozy at night, just as on the back patio. Think Christmas lights, but with a summer vibe. :)

We live in a neighborhood where things can quickly start to look the same, so I also thought this would be a fun touch of something new and different! I'm all about curb appeal! We used two strands of inexpensive string lights and hooked them up to a timer so they come on when it's dark and turn off around midnight. This also makes them no maintenance, which is so great. Steve strung them using a staple gun and they have held up great, even through what felt like a monsoon we had the other day!

Adding these string lights was a small time and money commitment and they add such a fun, cozy vibe for summer. I can't wait to log some hours underneath them as we approach summer and later nights!

I hope you are enjoying warmer weather wherever you are! Who's ready for drinks on the porch?! xo


  1. The lights look great on your front porch. They say welcome!!

  2. I love glowing and warm lights to welcome me and my family home!
    These lights look wonderful:)
    Thank you for sharing your time and talents with us at TOHOT!

  3. I absolutely LOVE your string lights! It makes every night a party. Thank you so much for linking up to Thoughts of Home on Thursday. You make our gathering a happier place.