Monday, May 23, 2016

Life Lately

Wow! We made it to the end of school the school year and today marks the first weekday of summer break! We are so excited for warmer days, later nights, and lots of downtime together! I don't think our weekly calendar has ever looked so light and I couldn't be happier about it. I was just telling a friend that I will be having the "summer talk" with my kids today. You know...NO whining, setting expectations for behaviors, reminding them that grocery shopping is still a thing even in the summer, reminding them about chipping in around the house without being asked, reading gets done in the morning, it's not my job to entertain you every minute of every day, etc, etc. We can't and won't do all the fun stuff unless we are meeting expectations around here - total mean mom and I'm okay with that!! Ha!

I thought I would post a snippet of what we've been up to always seems people like to see into other people's lives, and I'm okay with that too... :) overload!

We counted down the days in May until school let out on our chalk wall. We are out so early here in Kansas (no snow days)! Our summer bucket list will be going up this week and I will share it when it's done!

Here is the last day of 1st and 2nd grade. Many inches grown and many teeth lost this year! Oh, I wish I could stop time. These early elementary years are my absolute favorite. They are so much fun right now, and easy, and independent, and snuggly, and still love their parents, and want to spend time as a family. I just love it.

And one of several outtakes...this is usually the case around here...Drew doing something to "annoy" Kate and laughing hysterically about it...hence the "summer talk" :)!

 Two amazing teachers this year...

Cheer and soccer are coming to an end until we pick it back up in the fall. Drew played on his first competitive premier soccer team this year and had a wonderful experience. Great players, coach, teammates, and parents.
Baseball is in full swing around here between watching Drew's team and cheering on the Cubs and the Royals!
Love having a TV on the back covered patio space! We use it all the time mostly to watch baseball! All of you who have Boulevard beer near you, you must try the new Tropical Ale! It's delicious and it comes in the most adorable cans (I like details)!
May 3rd marked our 13th wedding anniversary. I just cannot believe we have been married that long! Life with this guy is such a joy! We were 23 y/o in this pic...such babies! My hair gets lighter as I become more gray! The greatest disguise... :)
It seems our favorite summer pastime is fishing and we've already been at it. Kate caught a huge catfish the other day on a small little rod. Time to get her a bigger one! Drew is simply obsessed with fishing and fishing shows and Jeremy Wade. Google him...he's the River Monsters guy. Completely obsessed! Even mom likes to get in on the fun, but you can clearly see I don't catch the big ones!

This past weekend we all ran a 5k together. It's such a fun family event and we want to do more of them. This 5k supports are dear, dear friend of mine and we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day!
In house news, we are getting ready to start on a basement reno. We have hired a company to complete the project. They start in about a month which means we have to get all the stuff out of our basement in preparation for a summer full of dust, early mornings, and lots of banging. I just know it will be worth it in the end. I will hopefully be blogging more this summer and will keep you up to date on the progress. It will be ready just in time for football season!

Cheers to an enjoyable and relaxing summer! Don't forget to connect with LLL!

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