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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Marbleized Easter Eggs Using Nail Polish

Hello! Happy March and happy spring! Things are greening up in KC and I couldn't be happier about that. We are headed out of town for Easter weekend, but we wanted to decorate eggs this week and I'm also using them in my spring home tour decor (see below)!

Last year we dyed eggs with shaving cream and they turned out great. Messy, but great. This year, we tried marbleizing eggs using nail polish and water. They turned out very cool! Almost graffiti-ish and very abstract, which I just love. This project is super simple and can be done in minutes.

We used solo cups, paper plates, plastic spoons, paper straws, nail polish, water, and of course, some hard boiled eggs. I have a stash of nail polish and Kate has several cheapies we used. The neon colors turned out fun, and the blue polish was a hit too!

We filled the cups with enough water to cover an egg. You want the water to be room temperature/warm. We then added drops of nail polish in different colors and stirred the mixture around. Carefully drop an egg in the water and sort of swirl it around until the egg starts to take on the colors of the nail polish. We used a paper straw to stir. A wooden stir stick would probably be best. A plastic spoon will take on the color, so avoid that. The sides of the cup will also take on the colors, but the egg will get covered as well.

After the egg has the color you want, fish it out with a plastic spoon and set them on paper plates to dry. It's amazing how the colors stick to the egg! I sort of let the kids run wild with color choices and no matter the combination, they all turned out vibrant and unique!

This obviously could be a messy project but it really wasn't. I assisted with putting the color in the cups. Make sure you put something down on whatever surface you are working on! We switched out cups and water often. We also found that if an egg doesn't turn out how you want it to, throw it back in some water and add more to it.

It's fun trying a new technique every year! 

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  1. Love the eggs, what a fun idea. Thanks for the shoutout for the tours too.