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Monday, February 15, 2016

Hardwoods in the Home Office

In preparation for posting about our finished office space, I first have to go back all the way to April 2015, when we had the carpet removed from our office space and replaced with hardwoods. This space is our small 5th bedroom off the kitchen that we use as a home office. Now that Steve is working at home when he's not traveling for work, we use the space all the time. Our entire first floor has hardwood floors, and we decided to just extend them into the office last year (something we probably should have just done during the build, but we weren't sure if it was going to function as our guest bedroom or not). I'm always amazed at the transformation when going from carpet to hardwoods. Wow- what a difference! This is the space currently...

This was the space with carpet. It's not terrible, but we just felt the hardwoods would make the space more sophisticated and fit with the rest of the first floor.

The trim work is so pretty in this room, but it almost blends in with light carpet and light walls.

We used the same company we used when we added hardwoods to our upstairs hallway and landing. We wanted a cohesive feel and the floors now flow flawlessly from the connected mudroom and kitchen. We used rustic maple wood, which we have throughout. It's a bit rustic, but nothing over the top. It has just enough dings and imperfections that actual dings and imperfections seem like they are supposed to be there! Here are the floors installed before staining...

After the wood was installed, they were sanded and stained.

Then they added several top coats to make them nice and shiny! You can see in this photo they are still very wet.

This was a project, for us, that was so worth the money. This small investment took this room from a 5 to a 10 in a few weeks time. Our office chairs roll easily, it now looks like it belongs with the rest of the house, the room looks bigger, and the dark floors really ground the light walls and trim work.

More details to come on this finished space soon! xo

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