Monday, November 23, 2015

Dressing Up the Bar Cart for Thanksgiving

Happy Monday! We host Thanksgiving every year, so you won't see any bits of Christmas around here until the weekend. I've decided to only "decorate" the dining room, as that is where will be eating. And by decorate, I mean set a table and add one printable banner the the bar cart... :)

The bar cart is in our dining room and is colorful and bright and junked up and one of my favorite items in our home, so I thought, why not just add some more to it?!?! I found this free printable from The Tomcat Studio, printed on card stock, cut out, and clipped to twine with laundry clips from the dollar store. 

I quickly painted the clips black using cheap acrylic paint. I also decided to add this DIY metallic tassel garland that has made it's way to every surface of my house! Do yourself a favor and make one of will use it over and over again!! Photos of table setting coming soon! xo

Thursday, November 19, 2015

DIY Scrapbook Paper Place Cards

Hello friends! I'm back with a quick post on some super easy DIY place cards that I made last night in about 10 minutes with supplies I had on hand. If you can use scissors and tape, you can do this! We host my husband's family for Thanksgiving every year, and I like to set a more formal dining table (because it otherwise doesn't get used much). That being said, I also like to keep things easy and simple. I found an image on Pinterest that led me to a shop where you can purchase these place cards. I decided to make eight of these for no cost because I had everything on hand!

I had some glitter scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby sitting in a drawer from another project. I cut eight equal rectangles and folded them in half (no exact measurements here, but made them a little larger than the white paper to create a border). The white paper is just pre-cut business cards and I hand wrote the names. I adhered them to the scrapbook paper with regular old tape. :)

These add a little glam to the table which I love. We are celebrating Kate's birthday on Thanksgiving day this year, so a little glam will do her some good too! More pictures of the full table to come once I get fresh flowers next week!

I like to get the table done ahead of time so I can focus on the food! xo

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