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Monday, December 7, 2015

DIY Winter Friendly Container Pots

Hello and happy December! I've decked the halls and kept it pretty minimal this year with lots of fresh greenery inside and out. More to come on this as I am participating in a blogger home tour this week (see below for the line up)!

For the outside of our home, I decided I wanted to try to make some winter friendly container pots for the front porch using tree trimmings and things I already had on hand. Several of my friends and neighbors made some at a local nursery recently, but I wasn't able to go. They turned out very pretty and well done. Here is my late night, no cost, DIY version!

Steve was out of town, so I decided late one night to get started in the garage. I have no photos of the actual making of these because it was dark and cold and I was hurrying to finish! 

1. black pots (already owned)
2. tree trimming from our Fraiser Fir tree from Lowe's (they always have tree trimmings on hand you can get for free even if you don't get a real tree)
3. pinecones (had a large stash in the christmas bins from previous projects)
4. gold glittery branches (I picked these up last year from a craft store)
5. silver glittery sticks (picked up for $2 at Joann Fabrics)
6. red holly sticks (already had in stash)
7. red glitter sticks (already had in stash)
8. pine garland (picked up at Trader Joe's for $7)
9. rocks/pepples for weight

I basically ransacked my Christmas stash for anything that I could stick in these pots. I added some rocks/pebbles to the pots to weigh them down, about half way. I started with the tree trimmings and just started sticking them in. I then cut pieces of the pine garland to spill over the sides of the pot. Once the greenery was full, I added in all the glitter sticks and holly in random places. I topped them off with the pinecones for a little added earthiness and texture.

There is no rhyme or reason or strategy, just eyeball it and go for it! You could even use sticks form the yard! I know craft stores also sell birch sticks, but I was going for minimal cost here. These literally take 10 minutes to assemble and overall was a super inexpensive project. They are just the boost our porch needed this year!

I plan to spray these with water every now and then, just as I do the garland around the door. I'm not sure how long they will last, but hopefully through December! The home tour I'm participating in started today, and my tour will be on Friday!

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