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Thursday, November 19, 2015

DIY Scrapbook Paper Place Cards

Hello friends! I'm back with a quick post on some super easy DIY place cards that I made last night in about 10 minutes with supplies I had on hand. If you can use scissors and tape, you can do this! We host my husband's family for Thanksgiving every year, and I like to set a more formal dining table (because it otherwise doesn't get used much). That being said, I also like to keep things easy and simple. I found an image on Pinterest that led me to a shop where you can purchase these place cards. I decided to make eight of these for no cost because I had everything on hand!

I had some glitter scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby sitting in a drawer from another project. I cut eight equal rectangles and folded them in half (no exact measurements here, but made them a little larger than the white paper to create a border). The white paper is just pre-cut business cards and I hand wrote the names. I adhered them to the scrapbook paper with regular old tape. :)

These add a little glam to the table which I love. We are celebrating Kate's birthday on Thanksgiving day this year, so a little glam will do her some good too! More pictures of the full table to come once I get fresh flowers next week!

I like to get the table done ahead of time so I can focus on the food! xo

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