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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Vintage Flush Mount Light Fixture

Well, it's finally starting to feel like fall in KC! The daytime temps are warm, and the morning and evening temps are perfectly chilly - sleeping weather at it's finest!

I wanted to quickly share a vintage find I scored for our bedroom. We were in Des Moines a few weekends ago visiting my family and we popped into a few vintage/antique stores. We were searching for a light fixture for our master bedroom sitting area. As I turned the corner, this light was staring me in the face! The owner of the space happened to be sitting in the booth. I asked her the price because there was no price tag and she just said, "How about $75?" SOLD, SOLD, SOLD! She told me she painstakingly cleaned every crystal herself and the hard wiring was perfectly working. SOLD, SOLD, SOLD!

It is a flush mount, gold and crystal light fixture that holds three light bulbs and has a mirrored top. It puts off such pretty and bright light, and it's exactly what we were looking for. Definitely right place, right time, and right price!

We have a large master bedroom with a sitting area. We are finally (after almost 4 years) working to complete our master bedroom. Changing out the original "boob" light was first on the agenda. I've also hung some artwork, we purchased some clearance chairs, and I'm still waiting to find the right coffee table and pillows. More to come on this little nook when it's all finished!

Because of the vent right next to the light, my husband had to drop this flush mount about an inch from the ceiling. You can't tell it's not perfectly flush, and I'm so happy he was able to make it work. We will eventually be putting this light on a dimmer so we can have softer light when needed.

Some of my most favorite things in our home (vintage bar cart, vintage chandelier, and now this beauty) are "found", and that is what makes them special. Of course, I have things from Target, World  Market, Pottery Barn, Ikea, etc., but finding those pieces that really stand out, that you actually had to dig for, are truly the best items in my opinion. I love a mix of old and new, and this little corner is finally starting to feel cozy! Just in time for shorter days and colder nights! xo

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