Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fall Home Tour - Day 3 & Day 4 Line Up

Good afternoon!

I'm still finalizing a few things for my home tour to go live on Friday. I hope you are enjoying following along on these home tours! Cooler temps are on their way here in Kansas City, and I can't wait! Bring on the jeans and sweater weather!

Wed - Sept 9th

Thurs - Sept 10th

Sorry I didn't get yesterday's posted before today! I had my first day back at work (after 8 years) and it was so fun! Being a preschool teacher really doesn't feel like work, and I feel happy and blessed to be starting a new chapter! My kids were so excited for mom to start and I turned the tables and had them take a "1st day of school" picture with me! xo


  1. Love your school picture, how cute and I can't wait to see your tour.