Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Front Door Dreaming

I love, love, love good curb appeal. We are big on making our outdoor space look presentable and welcoming and warm. I love plants and gardening and a nice, well maintained yard. We live in the suburbs, in a neighborhood where all the homes are similar colors and styles, which is another reason I like to keep things fresh outside…so every house, including ours, doesn't look the same! We have a builder door that was originally the accent color on our house, then I painted it blue, and now it is glossy black. I love a black door. There is something so classic and simple and chic about it. But, our door is lacking anything interesting and it makes the foyer dark (the inside is painted black too), and is a little too "cookie cutter" for us.

We were out on a walk the other day and brainstorming ideas and looking at other homes, and we decided to start researching some new front door ideas. Of course, I turned to Pinterest for inspiration! Maybe you can see what kind of door I was dreaming about…

I guess you have figured out that I want black and glass on a front door, which means more light streaming in through the house, which is what I love! More details to come when you see what we chose!  xoxo

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