Thursday, August 27, 2015

First & Second Grade, Turning 8, Preschool(!)

School started here a few weeks ago, and the kids are settled into 1st and 2nd grade. I couldn't be happier about their confidence in starting a new grade with different friends and new teachers. We can only hope that this confidence carries with them forever. This year, both kids are in school full day, which is all new for me. This is sort of a turning point for this SAHM of 8 years. I'm sad and excited and emotional and happy, but mostly proud of the kids they have become. All those years ago, this moment seemed so far away.

It has not always been easy with them being 15 months apart, living in three different states, and making sacrifices for me to be home, but it was all worth it a million times over. I wouldn't change a second of being there for them through every moment and I am truly grateful for all the time spent with them. It has sincerely been my greatest gift, job, and moment in my life to be home and raising them. Sorry for the sap, but I want to remember these feelings when they are teenagers! :)

I love school age. I love early elementary age. First grade has been my favorite so far, but I've heard that second will probably become my new favorite. I just want to bottle this age and savor every single minute. Very independent, but still love hanging out with their parents and having mom up at school. I know this won't last forever, so we are just living in every moment with them. Everything is fresh and new and an adventure and I love their positive outlook on life.

Drew turned eight years old on Sunday, and we had quite a fun-filled weekend. I just can't believe it. He grew 2 inches in 6 months and just continues to sprout up. I have no doubt I will be looking up to him soon. He cannot wait for that moment! I keep reminding him that I will always be his mother and he will always have to follow my rules no matter how big he gets! #meanmom

This boy is kind hearted and sporty and helpful and all boy and a wonderful big brother and uber conscientious. He is playing competitive soccer this year and had a win on his birthday! We also went to a Chief's preseason game, hosted a birthday party, went fishing, and to a Royal's game. What fun it is to be 8!

And finally, a new very part time job sort of fell in my lap and I am very grateful for the opportunity to start something fresh for myself as we turn a new leaf with both kids in full day school. I will be teaching preschool three mornings a week and I'm super excited! 

I'm looking forward to working with littles and their parents, teaching/sharing, and hopefully making a difference in one way or another. I'm also looking forward to having coworkers to talk to and getting dressed in clothes other than workout gear! Ha! This allows me to have something for me and still be there for my family. I'll keep you posted! xo

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