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Friday, May 29, 2015

Walt Disney World: Epcot

Happy Friday! It's been raining so much here, and the temps aren't creeping up past 70, but at least it's the weekend! I promised more Disney posts, so today I'm going to recap our time at Epcot. It gets a post of its own because it was our favorite and we went there three different times in 4 days!  If you missed my entry post on our recent trip to Disney World, you can read that here.

I wanted to start with Epcot because it was actually our favorite park. We went there three different times over the course of 4 days. Not only did we like the rides, but the park is clean, the crowds were light, the food is better than anywhere else in any of the parks. The Flower and Garden Festival was going on at the time, which meant there were character topiaries everywhere and beautiful landscape throughout. We also LOVED the fireworks and laser light show and everything at Epcot seemed gender neutral, which is a bonus when you have one of each!  I thought I would be the only one to appreciate all of this, but it turns out we all did. 

We spent Day 1 at Epcot, and it started our whole trip out on the right foot. Test Track happened to be our kids favorite ride at Epcot, as well as over all of the parks. We rode it three times. Kate just giggled the whole time, it was awesome. Here they are designing their own cars…

We were tipped off by a friend to go to Turtle Talk with Crush, and we are so glad we did. It was funny and charming and perfect for all ages. The audience, adults included, were laughing and Drew got chosen to ask Crush a question. Definitely a must see!

Ride Recap:
Spaceship Earth: This is a simple, easy ride for all ages. We liked it, but once was enough.

Test Track: LOVED! Modern and fun, new, fast. Used a Fast Pass. I would recommend single rider for this if your kids are old enough. You have to be at least 7 years old.

The Seas with Nemo & Friends: This is a very easy, slow moving ride. Probably would skip if we went again.

Turtle Talk with Crush: Loved this. Good for all ages. Funny and sweet.

Soarin': We all enjoyed this ride. None of us loved it so much to do it twice, but definitely good to do once. Used a Fast Pass.

Living with the Land: We all enjoyed this ride. It's an easy, slow moving boat ride and very educational. Drew especially liked this one.

Captain EO: Not working any day we were there.

Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros: This ride is found tucked back in in Mexico. We didn't know about until an employee told us about it. Easy going, good for all ages.

Mission Space: This is one ride broken up into an easier and a harder ride. It was highly suggested to us that we do  the easier route and glad we did. Kids loved this. Fun and interactive. With small kids, I would recommend the easier side. Used a Fast Pass.

Flower and Garden Festival:
This year, the festival ran from March 4-May 17th. The grounds were so, so pretty, I just loved it!

World Showcase:
We all enjoyed this part of Epcot, and we were happy our kids were old enough to appreciate this part of it. Like I said before, we came here three times!

We played the bongos and had margaritas in Mexico…

We at dinner in Morocco…

We sampled Frushi in Japan…

We had delicious grapefruit beers and brats in Germany. We also had lunch reservations at the Biergarten Restaurant on the first day.

We met Mulan in China…

And lastly, we did stay for the fireworks and laser light show one night. It was wonderful. And as a bonus, it starts at 9pm, an hour earlier than the Magic Kingdom fireworks. I would definitely recommend staying one night at Epcot to see this!

Above all, this is the kind of "Magic" that happens at Disney! Spontaneous joy, love, and gratefulness for having such a wonderful family experience!

Next up will be Magic Kingdom!! Sorry for the photo overload, but I hope some of this information helps some of you with your planning! xoxo


  1. I'm so sad that we didn't make it to Epcot on our trip. It looks amazing!! So going there on our next trip!!

    1. I was surprised how much we all loved Epcot - definitely need to go next time, which sounds like there will be a next time for you (and hopefully us)!!