Life Love Larson: Checking In


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Checking In

Good Morning! The sun is shining today - woo hoo! It's been chilly and rainy here and I'm over it. I know we need the rain, but prefer that would happen overnight. :)

We are up to our eyeballs in projects and trying to get ready for our Disney trip. We are down to the two week mark and our kids could not be more excited. Those 100 days since we told them have simply flown by. The anticipation is half the fun, and we can definitely tell. They talk about the trip every single day, and it is making us (the adults) that much more ready! Our Magic Bands arrived, and I found these cute Disney countdown calendars that we keep on the fridge. All the suggestions of what to bring and pack and do are just overwhelming. Our main focus is just having fun!

We also decided now would be a good time to start our hardwood floor project in the office. It's the last space on the first floor to get hardwoods, and we couldn't be more ready to rip up the carpet! They start the install today. We will carry the dark hardwoods into this room, so the moldings and the light paint color should really pop against them.

Not only did we have to move all of the stuff from the office and closet to the garage, I also decided a few weeks ago to refinish our kitchen table and chairs, which is also out in the garage. Glutton for punishment over here! I didn't want to spend money on a new table/chairs, so I'm just altering the stain color. The dark stain is NO MORE! This is mid-process, so much more to come on this!

I am also getting rid of the two dark wood Pottery Barn lead chairs, and ordered two upholstered chairs from World Market with a little pop of color. They are half off right now, and I had an extra coupon. I'm hoping they work in the space!

Right before we leave for Disney, our neighborhood is having their annual yard sale, which I have decided to participate in. Kate and I tagged all of our stuff yesterday. I came across an old bin with their baby crib sheets and bedding and it stopped me in my tracks. I held it and smelled it and remembered back to those sweet baby days. It made me really dig down and think about how fast time is flying by. I've been so blessed with having the gift of time with these two, but it doesn't make it any easier. I'm so proud of these two, and I am definitely a live in the moment sort of person, but thinking back on their early years made me want to laugh and cry and smile all at the same time. Every year, every stage is better than the last, and I have to be intentional about time and teaching moments and laughter and love.

Hope the rest of your week is fantastic! I'm almost done with the exterior paint post too! If you need me, I'll be yard sale tagging, coating my table with poly, crying about how big my kids are, or purchasing ponchos for our Disney backpack! xoxo