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Friday, March 27, 2015

Dark Charcoal Paint Decision

Happy Friday, friends! Steve and I are getting ready to head to Florida next week, and my parents will be coming to watch the kids. During that time, I've enlisted my painter (aka my dad) to do a little exterior paint work! I think he is officially going to become mine and my sister's personal handyman in his retirement!

We have decided to go ahead and update our exterior accent paint color. We purchased our home just over three years ago after moving to KC from San Antonio. This home was a spec, but we bought it just in time to pick the finishes, paint colors, stains, etc. The catch was that we only had three days to choose everything. Three days!!! Not good for an indecisive person!!

Long story short, I've never really loved the color of the house…way too brown, and too tonal. Our builder worked with an interior design company at the time and they basically chose the exterior colors and we said yes. And because I'm not going to pay to paint the entire house all over again, or the trim, we are going to update the accent color which is found on the garage doors and the shutters. The front door will stay black. Choosing a dark gray/almost black paint color is hard!

I've scoured the internet, Pinterest, and every paint store in town looking for the perfect dark charcoal gray. I brought home samples and looked at them in all different lights. Grays are hard because they can pull purple, navy, hunter green, or brown very quickly. I was really hoping for a true dark charcoal gray, and I quickly learned that you must go darker than what you think you want when painting the exterior because of all the light it receives.

Here is a photo of our house currently, with the black door and all of it's winter deadness. I want the accent color to be much darker and in gray/black tones instead of brown. The base color is Pavilion Beige by Sherwin Williams. The trim color is Keystone Gray by Sherwin Williams.

Here are photos of the house when things are actually in bloom, and back when we had a blue door. I can't even tell you how excited I am for things to be in bloom again!

So, back to the color decision. I think I have finally made the choice to go with Benjamin Moore Graphite. I think this will really give the house the pop it needs, and will be in the same color family as the black door. I also think it will make the dark parts of the stone come to life. I'm also debating adding the darker color to the pillars on the front of the porch as well.

And because we will be out of town while this change is happening, I just have to hope it's going to look good and trust that my mom will stop him it if looks bad - ha! I think we will paint a larger section of the garage when they arrive this weekend, to get a feel for how it looks on a larger space. 

Graphite is the darkest color on the right. The rest of the colors I tried looked navy, muddy brown, or purple. I really, really like Peppercorn by Sherwin Williams, but it was just too light. That is the top color.

I will definitely keep you posted on the before and afters! I won't be blogging next week while we're away, but will be on Instagram, so be sure to follow along! Can't wait to feel the sand between my toes, and come back to a new looking house! xo

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