Life Love Larson: I'm Off to Singapore!


Monday, January 12, 2015

I'm Off to Singapore!

And just as soon as I get back to blogging, I'm off again for 10 days! I'm ditching these cold temps and flying to Singapore to visit my sister and her family. I'm so excited! Singapore is located near the equator and every day is hot and humid and tropical. My sister said the weather has been gorgeous and breezy. She sent me this photo from her balcony a few days ago and this just solidified that 24 hours of travel will be worth it!

The timing of this trip worked out perfectly because we already knew my parents would be staying with us, and they would be able to help babysit while Steve works/travels. I'm going alone, which seems strange and exhilarating all at the same time. I know there will be memories made and that adventure awaits.

I'm so grateful for Steve and my parents for holding down the fort while I'm gone. It's a long time to be away, but there is no way I could turn down this amazing opportunity to travel and see more of the world and spend quality time with my sister.

We are also heading to Saigon for a little weekend girl's trip which will include a motorbike foodie tour! I hope you will follow along as I will be posting pictures from my travels on Instagram. See you back here when I return! xoxo

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