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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Ch Ch Ch Changes…

Hello Friends! I hope 2015 is proving to be a good one for all of you. We are pretty much living in the arctic tundra here in KC! I think the sun only shined for 5 days in December, and now we are having way below average temps. But, I'm getting ready to hop on a jet plane to 85* weather, so I'm trying not to complain too much about this cold weather! Living in the south for 10 years ruined me for being able to tolerate cold temps!

I'm still trying to get our house back in order after Christmas and company. It's looking like that isn't going to happen until I return in a few weeks, but I'm okay with it. And because I think people can sometimes become jaded by bloggers who post only pretty projects and pictures, these are some pictures I took of our house during and after our company was here…real life happens in every home, don't ever forget that! :)

We have been busy with company! My sister and her family were visiting form Singapore, and my parents also came to stay with us at the end of December. On New Year's Eve, the 6 of us (my parents, me and Steve, and my sister and her husband) put the kids to bed, grilled out the most amazing steaks, ate ourselves sick, drank, laughed, and most importantly celebrated my dad, who retired in mid-December. My dad is an amazing man, husband, and father. He taught us about hard work and how to love unconditionally. He deserves all good things in his retirement! My parents are a true testament to what a happy marriage and life should look like. I'm lucky to have been influenced by them for 35 years.

Along with my dad's retirement comes a move for them, from Chicago to Iowa. Since I graduated from college, I have never lived close to my parents, and now they will just be a 3 hour drive north! Woo hoo! They decided to build a town home and it won't be finished until mid-February. They also had to be out of their place in Chicago at the end of December. So guess what?! We have some new roomies!

We are about two weeks in and things are going great! They are staying in our guest bedroom (which also has an attached bath) and they are being a huge help! It's so nice to have some extra hands (especially with a sick child this week). We have been cooking, shopping, drinking coffee, and spending quality time together. My dad has been doing little house projects for us (he asked!) and he cleans the kitchen after every meal…I could get used to this! My kids can't even believe it's real that they have grandparents staying with us. They pretty much want nothing to do with me!

Most people ask me with hesitation how this extended stay is going to go. I think we are all looking at this situation as a rare and special opportunity, one we will never get again. An opportunity to spend quality time together laughing and telling stories, having discussions about meaningful things, sharing a small snippet in time together. My kids will remember this time and think back with a smile. We run a tight ship, so I've already warned them not to spoil my kids too much. I know it will happen, so my kids might be in for a rude awakening when they finally move!

I have learned so much from my parents, and my mom continues to be such a source of inspiration to me. I think having them around can only be good for us. She is the reason I wanted to stay home with my kids. She is the reason I have compassion for people. She is the reason I have good kids (I learned a lot of parenting tips from her). She is my friend. She keeps it real. She is authentic. She is the good in the world. I posted a pic of my mom and I having tea the other day on Instagram. Another perk of having company around…morning coffee and afternoon tea time together! I've been talking to babies/toddlers/school aged kids during my 7 years of being home, so it's nice to have some adult time during my day! ;)

This year also brings a new and exciting change for Steve. He has taken a new job (with the same company) and will now be working form home and traveling domestically. So, not only am I home, and my parents are "home", but Steve is also HOME!! This change also means that we get to stay in KC, which we couldn't be more excited about. Kansas has become our home and we feel blessed to be here.
Steve gets to travel to some pretty great cities and he is pumped about the change. I know he feels good about being able to really use his talents in a productive capacity. I am proud of him for taking on something new and for challenging himself. It took me a while to come around, but now we are both sold on the fact that this change is going to be ALL good. I'm also not naive to the fact that he will be working form home after not working from home for 13 years, and there will be an adjustment period :). I'm sure we will have our moments, but I'm certainly lucky to be living this life with this guy…

On the decorating front, this also means that our office/homework space is now being transformed into a "home office". His and hers desks, which is pretty fun. We still need to decide on new office chairs and hang some art, but for the most part it is a functioning office space. He did say to me recently, "this is an office space, not a "Pinterest Worthy" space. I need it to be functional". Ha! He knows me very well!

So yes, some changes are happening around our family and life is feeling a little different right now, but with change also comes excitement and growth. Unlike our normal changes (which have always involved big moves), this change brings us a little more stability and consistency, and that brings us peace.

We are excited to see what 2015 has in store for us! I have so many posts I need to get to! Happy New Year! Cheers to change!


  1. Congratulations on your good news! I've been reading your blog since my kiddos were babies and always appreciate your honesty and candor. Best of luck in your new endeavors and enjoy that warm sunshine!

  2. SO cool that your parents get to live close. That makes such a huge difference! When my parents moved away from us we had to jump ship, it makes such a difference having family nearby! And can I take a moment to say even your mess is beautiful?! I just love your home! Stay toasty! We're almost through the worst of winter ;)


    1. I can't wait to have everyone nearby! We like living in new places and having some anonymity, but 3 hours is the perfect distance!

  3. This is awesome, Andrea! CONGRATS. Change is a part of life - it's just extra sweet when those changes are met with excitement and happy anticipation! Also, selfishly excited that you're staying in KC. Would love to get together for coffee sometime!!

    1. Hi Annie! Yes, we need to get together! I am so happy to feel settled and get rid of the "what-ifs" about moving. KC is a wonderful place to call home!!