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Friday, December 5, 2014

Past Holiday Posts to Inspire You

Apologies for my blogging being so sporadic! As I've mentioned before, this is the hobby in my life, and everything else must come first! Including cleaning, cooking, getting the house ready for Christmas, creating a DIY ant costume for a 1st grade play, hosting a 6 year old birthday party, shopping, wrapping, ordering and shipping Christmas cards, etc, etc, etc. I know your to-do lists all look the same and there is NEVER enough time in the day!

I know we are all busy this time of year enjoying the magic of the season, and for me it's seeing it through my kid's eyes for this short window of time. We still have two believers, but I'm afraid our years are probably numbered. Don't get me wrong though…we always will "believe" around here! These are the days and moments in time I hope to never forget. And for that reason, I'm trying not to stress, I know everything will get done. I'm teaching my kids about the real meaning of Christmas, about giving and being careful not to ask for too much. I want our holiday "to-do" list to really feel memorable, and not like we are just checking off boxes. I hope you are all enjoying special times with your families!

I wanted to share some past holiday related posts in case you are new to LLL or are just looking for some inspiration. I usually like to keep things simple and use what I already have. Here goes!

We are going to visit Santa this weekend and I hope to get a little baking done too! See you back here next week for my Christmas Home Tour!  xo

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