Life Love Larson: August 2014


Monday, August 18, 2014

Kid's Card Table Makeover

We gave Kate a little mini room makeover this weekend (more to come on that), and while we were cleaning things up and moving things around, I realized I never blogged about a card table makeover I did for her room last year.

I purchased a kid's card table at a thrift store for $4, and gave it a new look for about $5. As you can see here, this has been the table where Kate likes to play Legos or read books in her room.

The original table was pink, with the word princess repeated over and over, and it was banged up.

First, I removed the table top and covering, and spray painted the base brass.

I purchased some oil cloth fabric at Joann's to recover the top. I thought the polka dots looked child-like without being to juvenile. The oil cloth fabric is perfect because it is easy to clean and is sold by the yard! The table already had a layer of batting underneath, which I kept. I simply cut the fabric to size and used a staple gun to adhere it to the table top. The top is thin, so I had to use really small staples.

After two coats of spray paint, I was ready to put the table back together. I added two wooden chairs that I also found while thrifting. The turquoise chair was already painted, and I painted the pink chair the same color as her headboard. I also added some gold paint to the bottom of the chair legs - it's all about the details!

I'm convinced that most ugly thrift store finds can be transformed with a little time and effort! This table has gotten a lot of use in the last year and a half. During the mini makeover, we added a larger desk to this corner, so this table/chair set will be moving to the basement playroom.

Happy thrifting! xoxo

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Family Weekend Getaway: Branson, MO

The four of us took a last minute weekend trip to Branson, MO last weekend. School starts here next week, so we wanted to get away together for a few days. The place had to be close (3 hour drive) and it had to be family friendly. We had heard good things about Branson and thought we would check it out!