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Thursday, May 22, 2014

A New Phase

Yesterday marked the day Kate graduated from Pre-K. This also means, because Kate is our youngest, it was the very last day of preschool for the Larson household…3 states worth of preschool, I never thought this day would come! A think fondly on those preschool years. Years of innocence and wonder and excitement over the little things. One phase of life has ended (just like that), and a new one will begin/continue in the fall as she enters Kindergarten.

Photos from her last and first day this year.

I thought it was fitting yesterday when I asked her how she was feeling, and she responded, "I am ready to be done with preschool, and go to Kindergarten, and learn new things." So very accurate for this second-born child who makes it her job to keep up with her big brother, who is ready for a challenge, and who has confidence far beyond her 5.5 years!

A new phase begins in the fall. I will not look back on these preschool years with sadness that they are over, but I will feel grateful that they happened. A new phase…a fresh perspective…growth and happiness in abundance…proud of this sweet girl.  xoxo

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