Life Love Larson: May 2014


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

(App)le Teacher Gift

Drew's last day of Kindergarten is tomorrow! What? I can't believe it. We've already logged some hours by the pool and it is definitely getting hot in KC! Bring on summer…we are ready!

I wanted to give Drew's teacher a little something on the last day of school. Pinterest to the rescue! I found this cute printable, purchased an App Store gift card, and hand wrote a little note to her. Easiest gift ever!

You can find the free printable here. I folded it and sealed it with some Washi Tape.

I know his teacher just got a new iPad, so I thought this gift was good timing! Kate will have the same teacher next year, so I will have to start pinning new ideas!  xo
Thursday, May 22, 2014

A New Phase

Yesterday marked the day Kate graduated from Pre-K. This also means, because Kate is our youngest, it was the very last day of preschool for the Larson household…3 states worth of preschool, I never thought this day would come! A think fondly on those preschool years. Years of innocence and wonder and excitement over the little things. One phase of life has ended (just like that), and a new one will begin/continue in the fall as she enters Kindergarten.

Photos from her last and first day this year.

I thought it was fitting yesterday when I asked her how she was feeling, and she responded, "I am ready to be done with preschool, and go to Kindergarten, and learn new things." So very accurate for this second-born child who makes it her job to keep up with her big brother, who is ready for a challenge, and who has confidence far beyond her 5.5 years!

A new phase begins in the fall. I will not look back on these preschool years with sadness that they are over, but I will feel grateful that they happened. A new phase…a fresh perspective…growth and happiness in abundance…proud of this sweet girl.  xoxo
Friday, May 9, 2014

Life Lately

You guys!! I never intentionally ignore this little blog, but the days seem to be slipping right by me before I can even sit down to type. Even Kate said to me yesterday, "Mom, you haven't been on the computer much at all lately". Even my 5 year old has noticed the neglect of the blog!

I've been blogging consistently for a few years, but I have been feeling pulled in all directions lately. The blog is the first thing that gets cut out when I feel that way. I know you are not on the edge of your seats waiting for my posts everyday, but I have definitely taken a backseat with posting this year. My kids are getting so big, so fast. Next year, they will both be in school. I will have several quiet hours to myself when I can catch up on all that stuff, so for now, I have to prioritize!

I'm trying to focus on being present, being positive. I believe that time well spent makes for a great life, even if that time isn't always what you want to be doing. Right here, right now, is the place I should be, soaking up minutes with my hub and kids that I will never get back. Sometimes (a lot really), it's easy to lose sight of what is important. Even if some days seem like Groundhog's Day, it's all for a purpose, it's all for good, it's all out of love.

These are the things I am trying to enjoy right now...

the chaos - soon enough my days will be quiet
the million questions I get asked everyday - soon they will think they have all the answers
making food for hungry kids (constantly) - one day they won't rely on me for this
the beautiful weather - soon enough it will be 95 degrees
being a taxi driver - in 9 short years one of my kids will be driving
listening to Drew read books - one day he won't want me to snuggle in his bed
the bickering between my kids - this is love, right?
practices, games, dance, gymnastics, soccer, more practices - thankful to have kids who are active
sleeping until 7am - I consider this a super perk of staying at home and always will be grateful
time spent with genuine friends/neighbors - hard to come by and deeply cherished
yard work & new projects - spring brings such a happy and fresh perspective
unwinding with Steve - we've been able to reclaim our adulthood in the last few years and it has been wonderful!

Here is what we have been up to lately…

Steve and I celebrated 11 years of marriage last weekend! Every year that passes, we literally look at each other and say that it just doesn't seem possible. We met in college when we were 21 and married at age 23, so you can do the math as to how old we are! We feel young at heart, which is probably why our ages and length of marriage never seem to register with us. So happy to be creating and spending a life with this guy. We're only just getting started! You can read my 10 year wedding anniversary post here.

So many people asked me about the food in this picture after I posted it on Instagram. They asked if we went to dinner with other people because there was so much sushi in front of us - ha! No, just us…and some beers…and yes, lots of sushi. We don't eat it often, so when we do, we go all out! For you locals, we ate on the patio at Drunken Fish in Leawood.

The day after our anniversary, we spent the afternoon watching Sporting KC bring home a victory! This is such a great way to spend the day - love KC!

Miss Kate getting her baby fix on! So many of our friends are still having babies, which is so fun for those of us who get to dote on them and give them back!

Miss Kate looking all grown up and sweet. She is very sassy, too, let's not forget that… :)

The perfect day for Drew was being invited to hit balls with Steve and our neighbor. I swear, one day soon this guy is going to be as tall as me…stop growing!!

Love this image so much…I'll keep dreaming since we live in the burbs and there are no mature trees!

I'm a sports girl at heart, so this photo sings to me! :)

Just a little sappy love from Drew…

I've been going to the gym for two years, but starting working out with a friend consistently for several weeks. An argument could be made that we do more talking than actual sweating, but we are sticking to it and we are getting stronger. We think. Maybe. Work out with a friend, it's good accountability!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! I have about 20 posts I need to work on, and will hopefully get to this summer when things slow down a little bit. See you back here soon!

I also wanted to give a shout out to several blogs for the features over the last few weeks! Thank you, thank you!