Wednesday, February 12, 2014

S'more Valentines

I love making cute Valentine's with my kids for their classmates. In the age of Pinterest, the amount of cute and easy ideas are everywhere. I showed Drew several different options to choose from, and he wanted to make S'more Valentines. He wanted something that was "not girly", and would work with both boys and girls (even though he only has 4 other boys in his class this year!). 

Oh, and one other request…no hearts!

Drew helped me assemble all of these last night and practiced his handwriting by writing all the names of the kids in his class, and his own name on the back of the card. I looked online for a free printable, but they were all "girly" or too much. I like to keep it simple, and made these little cards on my Mac and printed on card stock. 

Shhhhhh…I did throw in one little heart!

We found chocolate covered strawberry marshmallows, which he chose instead of the pink heart marshmallows. Love how they turned out!  xoxo

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