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Friday, February 14, 2014

Recent Happenings

I hope you all have been having a great week! Drew missed his party at school as he has been home with a stomach bug. Sheer agony to miss a Valentine party and not be able to eat any treats the last few days. He is feeling much better today and Steve and I are headed out for some sushi tonight! We finally got some snow last week, and school was cancelled for three days. This week, school is out for conferences, so it feels like Drew has not been at school for weeks! Here is a bit of random stuff of late, and please excuse the dark, unedited iPhone pics!

Our Valentine porch…the felt heart garland is from Dollar Tree. I made the wreath last year and you can find that here.

Our chalkboard the past few weeks…I love this quote…

Pecan rolls for Valentine's Day breakfast! You can find the recipe here.

This is the first year I put hearts on the kid's doors everyday in February leading up to Valentine's Day. They loved it…something I will do every year from now on. Even if one of Drew's words reads "conscientious" and he doesn't know what that means, it's something I am grateful for!

I was in charge of bringing a healthy snack for Drew's class. Heart shaped strawberries and string cheese skewers!

These snow bunnies finally got to play in some snow. We really haven't had much snow this winter, and the kids weren't sure we were going to get any. Last year it snowed in May, so I'm pretty sure this isn't the last of it!

We are nearing Jewel's one year anniversary of being in our home. She doesn't look like she once did, but thankful to have kept her alive this long. I am hoping she will get some new growth in the spring, and I moved her to the dining room for more light in the winter. No matter how finicky, I think I will always have one of these in our home, I just love them.

Everyone grills with no shoes in frigid temps, right?! We were craving a steak dinner the other night, and got it done thanks to this guy!

These two little people continue to get more and more fun and more and more independent every single day. I LOVE this age. I want to bottle it. I want to stop time and savor every word, every adventure.

Kate learned how to tie her shoes a few weeks ago and I just signed her up for kindergarten! What? I have no words.

Drew has only 3 short months left of kindergarten before full day first grade next year. He is becoming quite a reader, which I think has been my all time favorite milestone. Anyone else feel their life flashing before their eyes?!

I made a few tweaks to Drew's room recently, and have several small DIY projects in the works. I also really want to start working on getting the office to function how I would like. The to-do list grows and grows, but I wouldn't have it any other way!  Hope you are spending time with someone special today!


  1. looks like a great time at your house! love those adorable strawberry skewers, so cute :)

  2. What's the color name of your front door. Love that shade of blue