Friday, January 17, 2014

Washing Makeup Brushes

In keeping up with my pledge to purge/organize/clean something every day in the month of January, it came time to work on my makeup drawer. I threw out a few items, wiped everything down, and cleaned my makeup brushes.

I pinned this idea, which suggested using baby shampoo (I bought a generic baby wash) and water. Easy enough. And how disgusting to see all that makeup wash down the drain! I need to start doing this more often!

You simply add a small amount of baby wash into your palm, run your brush under water, and start swirling the brush into your palm. Once you feel the brush is clean, run it under water and watch all the grossness run down the drain.

I laid the brushes on a towel to dry over night.

The next day, the brushes were so soft, and clean! This is simple enough to do often! How do you clean your makeup brushes?


  1. I use baby wash too! Aren't clean brushes the best?! :)

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