Life Love Larson: Christmas Recap + Family Photos + Happy New Year


Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Recap + Family Photos + Happy New Year

I'm back! I have been away from the blog for too long! I hope you all had an especially joyous holiday and are ready to tackle 2014!

Just a quick recap about our Christmas. The kids seem to be at that perfect age where everything is magical and exciting combined with a curiosity and wonder that I wish I could just bottle. The plan was for the four of us to spend Christmas in KC, and then the kids and I would drive to Chicago the day after Christmas to see my parents and my sister and her family, who had flown in from Singapore. On the 23rd, Steve surprised me by telling me he took off work (had known for weeks) to join us and that we would be driving up on Christmas Eve to surprise my family. He's a keeper, that guy.

We arrived on their doorstep after a 9 hour drive, rang the doorbell, yelled surprise, and they all about fell over. It was so special and a moment that I won't forget! My dad has been sick and had surgery on the 26th, so we were especially happy to be there for him! I also didn't think I would be seeing my sister until next summer, so what a blessing to see them as well.

I have also been meaning to share some photos we had taken this fall. We have never had family photos taken before! With our history of moves, I never got around to finding anyone before the next move happened. I am so happy we were able to capture this time in our lives!

These are extra special because they were taken by a close friend of mine and we shot them at another close friend's family farm. If you are local to the KC area and need a photographer, email me!

In preparation for the new year and thinking about finishing up some projects, I also decided I want to organize some areas in our home. I don't keep a lot of stuff laying around and I am not a saver (wish I was a little more sentimental than I actually am!), but there is always room for improvement in the way the home functions. And don't even get me started on what our basement looks like. Clear the clutter, clear the mind!

I have made a list of 31 items I will organize over the next month, one for each day. Here is my list if you want to join in and tackle a few things yourself! There is no specific order, I will just choose whatever I feel like crossing off the list for that specific day.

1. Take down and pack away Christmas decorations - DONE
2. Medicine drawer (throw out all expired items and organize in a kitchen drawer) - DONE
3. Clean inside and outside of fridge
4. Purge and organize pantry
5. Sort through kitchen cabinets and throw out items that are no longer used
6. Purge toys/games
7. Organize Drew's closet
8. Organize Kate's closet
9. Sort through D's clothes
10. Sort through K's clothes
11. Sort through my closet
12. Sort through Steve's closet (he will be doing this!)
13. Organize master closet shelves/shoe shelves
14. Organize office closet
15. Purge and sort through all unused toiletries
16. Organize office supplies/desk area
17. Call donation center to pick up bulk items (old TV, etc)
18. Get rid of all leftover baby items from the basement
19. Sort through garage to find donation items (if warm enough!)
20. Recycle Christmas tree (happening this weekend!)
21. Sort through kids craft supplies/puzzles/coloring books/markers
22. Organize laundry room cabinets/shelves
23. Clean make-up brushes and organize make up drawer
24. File paperwork and shred old files
25. Sort/purge jewelry
26. Basement organized, purged
27. Basement
28. Basement
29. Basement
30. Basement
31. Basement

I hope you all have good things in store for you this year! As always, thank you for your continued support of this little blog. It is my happy place and I appreciate your readership, comments, pins, emails, and support.  xoxo

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