Monday, July 29, 2013

DIY: Painted Outdoor Rug

When I posted about our back patio progress, I mentioned that the striped rug underneath the seating area was a DIY project.  Here are the details!

patio 4

I purchased an inexpensive outdoor rug at Costco for $20.  I figure if this project went haywire, I wasn’t out that much.  This is one of those thin, mildew resistant, made from recycled bottles type of rug.  I am pretty sure all home improvement stores sell them as well.

I knew I wanted to do something bold, so I stuck to what I love, classic stripes.  I laid out the rug, got out my Frog Tape, and started measuring.


This is a 6 ft x 9 ft rug, so I figured I would create 9, 1 foot stripes.  Pretty simple, right?  Well, I started measuring and taping, but forgot to take into account the width of the tape, so I ripped it up and started over again.  I finally got it right, but this part was time consuming (making sure each stripes was perfectly even end to end).


I used a tape measure every couple of inches to make sure the tape was lining up from end to end.  You can see here that the stripes without the “x” are 12 inches apart. 


You can see the stripes with the “x” are also 12 inches, but from the inside of the tape to the outside.  These are the stripes that would not be painted.  Does this make sense?  You have to take into account the tape width and where it is placed!


Once I had all the stripes marked off, I used some left over primer to mark hard lines.  I placed a piece of wood on the edge of the tape and roughly hand painted along the tape.  I knew it would have been too hard to try to spray against tape that wasn’t adhering that great.  This gave me the hard edge I needed to go ahead and spray paint inside (apologies for bad. dark garage pictures).


Once I had all the hard lines brush painted, I ripped up the tape.  I then used cheap cans ($1) of spray paint to prime the surface really well.  You will be surprised how much spray paint you will need, especially if using white on a dark rug, so start with the cheap stuff (it is still good for outdoor use).  If I had to do it over again, I would have only sprayed 4 stripes, and kept 5 of them dark.  I wasn’t thinking and added an extra stripe to my workload.

I then used some better spray paint to do a final top coat on each stripe.  You will need a large sheet or piece of cardboard to place over the rest of the rug while you are spraying each stripe.


Unless you want to spend the rest of your life spraying, your white stripes will never perfectly cover the dark grey, but in the end I got the look I was going for.


I am absolutely happy with this rug, and I love accomplishing new-to-me DIY projects!  I think it gives the space so much more personality than if there was no rug, or even a solid color rug. 

I also love that this is a custom rug that no one else has!  It is the number one thing people ask me about when they come to our back patio space and people are surprised it is DIY!

patio 4

Here are some questions that I think might get asked, so here goes…

1.  How do you clean it?  I haven’t had to spray anything on this rug yet.  Please keep in mind that this rug is under a covered patio, but it does get wet when it rains and mulch, grass, plant debris comes onto it when the wind blows.  I have heard that Tilex Mold and Mildew bathroom cleaner is good for touching up outdoor rugs, but have never tried it.  We have used a leaf blower and a broom on this rug, and outdoor debris comes off easily.

2.  What is the texture like after spraying it?  It is definitely harder than the non-painted surface, but not hard enough that you cannot walk on it without shoes.  The texture has been a non-issue for us.

3.  What was the total cost?  I probably used $20 worth of spray paint, and the rug was $20.

4.  How is the rug holding up?  I sprayed this rug in April and put it on the patio in early May.  It is holding up great!  With touch ups and cleaning done as needed, I think this rug will hopefully last another year.  Because I have furniture pieces on this rug, it has stayed in place.  It is thin and light, so it will blow up on the corners if it gets windy and there is nothing on top of it.

5.  Was it worth it?  I mentioned before that this rug was a bit time consuming.  I taped and sprayed over several days in the garage, working here and there around the kid’s schedules.  I would absolutely do this again.  I enjoy a challenge and trying new things.  I am happy with the final result and in the end, it really didn’t cost that much, which is what I was going for! 

More stripes…you know I love them!

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Like LLL on Facebook!

I’ve been slow on the social media bandwagon, but LLL finally has a Facebook page up and running.  I would love for you to “like” my page and stay connected!

Cheers to the weekend!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cheap Acrylic Frame = Instant Tray

In an effort to keep my computer, papers, notebooks, and lists from covering the kitchen island, I have permanently made the switch to an “office”.  The fifth bedroom off the kitchen currently functions as a guest bedroom/office, and I am working on trying to make it a little more done, and pretty!

It already holds a large desk, which I also use as a craft space, and the walk in closet houses photo albums, craft supplies, all kid crafts/supplies.  It is very functional and I am happy I made the switch.  I found this quick tip recently and thought it was just genius!  The best part, no DIY skills necessary.  Simply purchase a cheap acrylic frame, take the back off, turn upside down, and you have an instant tray to hold all your pretties!

acrylic frame 5

In the inspiration post, the frame was found at a thrift store for $1.  I was impatient and just went to Michael’s (purchased a 9 x 12 frame for about $4)!

acrylic frame 6
Michael’s had larger and smaller sizes, so you can customize for your needs.  I also found this acrylic magazine holder at Homegoods and thought it would be perfect for stashing my notebooks and planner.

acrylic frame 7
I love the clean look of the acrylic and a tray just makes things look more put together.

acrylic frame 8
I think I need one of these for every room in my house!

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Look & Let’s Connect

Happy Hump Day, Friends!  You are in the right place, I’m just working on updating and simplifying a few things around here.  Because I make peanuts writing this blog, I do everything myself, which means it doesn’t all get done at once!

header pic monkey 8 
As always, thank you for your lovely comments, pins, emails, readership, and for referring your friends.  I love writing the blog and sharing our home and our lives with all of you!  Thanks for stopping by and coming back!

I hope you will connect with me via Pinterest & Instagram, and don’t forget to follow LLL on Bloglovin’ (my favorite way to read blogs I love)!  There will also be a Facebook page, an “advertise” tab, and updated home tour pics coming soon!

Loving this quote I found on Pinterest. . .style on…

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We ♥ South Carolina

We tagged along with Steve on a work trip to SC recently.  SC (Columbia, specifically) holds a special place in our hearts.  This is where both of our children were born, and it is the place where we lived the longest (3 years).  This is a very long time in our world!  We made dear friends while in SC, and will always cherish our time there. 

Steve stayed in Charleston for work, and the kids and I hopped in the rental car and headed to Columbia to stay with good friends.  They don’t remember, but these kiddos and their mommas used to do everything together.  They quickly got reacquainted…and boy how times have changed…no nursing, no stroller pushing, no diaper bags, no breaking up food into small pieces at dinner.  What a difference a few years make!

We went to the zoo…



And ate at a few of our favorite places…the tea is so sweet here…I love it!



We had a girl’s night…loved catching up and hearing my sweet friend’s southern accents…I miss y’all! :)


It was a quick, but wonderful visit.  Thanks for hosting us, Jason & Stacey!


Back in Charleston, Steve was done with work commitments and it was time to hit up the beach, with ice cream, of course.  


Oh, I think we are meant to live by a beach one day!





Fish and crabs were caught, sandcastles were built, seagulls were chased…that is Steve channeling his inner David Hasselhoff. :)





We also indulged in a Low Country Boil at a get together with friends…it was as good as it looks!


Making memories at it’s finest.  I highly recommend a trip to the Carolinas if you have never been!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Back Patio Progress

Well, since it is almost August, I think it’s high time I shared the full progress on our covered back patio space.  I love having a covered space that is just off the kitchen and eating area, level with the rest of the house.  patio 1I wanted a little seating area for when we have guests over, aside from the seats at the table, and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money.  This is a good spot for reading to the kids, coffee breaks, and happy hour!patio 2The loveseat and coffee table are new purchases, but we have had these chairs from World Market for a few years.  They used to be brown, and I spray painted them grey this summer.IMG_5196patio 4The grey chair pads are from World Market, as well as the charcoal pillow.  The other four pillows are from Target, as I am sure you already know.  I think everyone I know has these pillows!patio 3Before moving in, we decided to have the landscaping company build us a berm in the backyard, next to the patio, to soften the hard edges of the concrete.  They planted a birch tree for us, and I have since filled in the rest with stepping stones, rock, grasses, and perennials.spray painted table 1

IMG_5182Most spaces are always a work in progress for me, and this is no exception.  I would like to add a small serving cart or build a ledge to serve drinks/food right next to the grill.  I need something to fill the empty space to the left of my kitchen window.  I want to purchase string lights to hang all the way around the space.  We would love to have more patio space, which would be uncovered, but would still in an area that gets a lot of shade (I love the current space, but it feels tight with the seating area and table).  Since these photos were taken, I have painted the trim around the door black, which I will post about separately.

The striped rug was also a DIY project, that I will post about in more detail!patio 6

I wanted this patio to be black/grey, with pops of color, because the rest of our house is very brown. I like how the black is very grounding.  By using what we already had, and with a few inexpensive purchases, the patio space is coming together on a budget!  I’m hoping the cold temps stay away until November, so we can enjoy the space for several more months (and get more work done out here)!

Coffee Table – new from Target
Side Chairs – previously owned from World Market
Loveseat – new from Gordman’s
Chair pads – new from World Market
Pillows – new from World Market & Target
Table/Chairs – old, but recently spray painted
Pink Tray – thrift store DIY
Copper Clock – thrift store
Stained stairs – DIY

Monday, July 22, 2013

Cleaning Shower Heads with Vinegar

The shower heads in our master bath were looking a little grimy.  Hard water build up was causing them to look like this, and regular cleaning wasn’t actually getting them clean.


After some quick research, the same word kept coming up over and over again.  Vinegar!  I placed some vinegar in two separate plastic bags and secured it at the top of each shower head.



I left them there for a few hours, removed the bags of vinegar, and the shower heads were clean!


I decided to just go ahead and do the other 3 shower heads, as well as all of the faucets in the house.  I reused the vinegar bags to do the other shower heads, and simply used an old tooth brush and a cup of vinegar to quickly do all the faucet heads.  Have you ever looked closely at what is lurking up underneath your kitchen sink faucet head?  Needless to say, all of spouts in our house needed a good cleaning, and vinegar did the trick!

O T H E R  C L E A N I N G  P O S T S :
Cleaning a Stainless Steel Sink
Cleaning a Top-Loading Washing Machine
Cleaning an Iron
Reviving Old Towels

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Trip Adventures: Milan, Italy

After our glorious stay in Vernazza was over, we hopped a 3-hour train to Milan, for a one night’s stay before catching our flight home.  We stayed at the AC Milano, a very modern hotel, that was within walking distance to the train station.  As soon as we got to Milan, we started walking the city streets (just shy of 6 miles) to people watch and grab some food and drink.

We wanted to see the Milan Cathedral while in Milan, but unfortunately, we were turned away because of “inappropriate” attire.  Your shoulders have to be covered and your skirt/shorts must be longer than your knees.  It was 90 degrees, and we could have gone and bought a wrap like everyone else, but we got lazy, and just decided seeing the outside magnificence was enough!  Everyone was getting turned away, and they were strict, so make sure you wear your full suit if your going to the Duomo!




McDonald’s is so popular in Europe.  We had to pop in to the Milan McD’s to check it out.  It was hip, tons of young people, and music blasting.  They even serve beer!  Yes, please! 


And just because I had to do this…


We stopped at a little outdoor cafĂ©, but mostly walked the streets.  I was completely blown away by the high end stores and shopping.  There are more stores on these city blocks, it was amazing!  I was expecting to see more high fashion on the streets than we did, but we did see our fair share of beautiful people and high heels, and people looking chic despite the periods of rain. :) 

And just like that, we hopped a flight from Milan to Chicago, and a wonderful anniversary trip came to an end. 

The days were long.
The company was grand.
A good mix of relaxation and sightseeing.
Beautiful weather.
A break from the kids.
Memories to be cherished for a lifetime.

This week, I will post one more post-trip wrap up with some random thoughts and what I learned!

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