Life Love Larson: Peppermint Kiss Cookies


Monday, December 16, 2013

Peppermint Kiss Cookies

Several families in our neighborhood took a trip on the "Polar Express" to look at Christmas lights this past weekend.  I volunteered to bring cookies and tried out a new recipe - Peppermint Kiss Cookies. They were a big hit, and I will definitely be making these again next year!

The recipe I followed can be found here.

A few tips:

- I did not use the peppermint extract and I don't think you need it. If you want more peppermint flavor, add more chopped kisses to the dough.

- I tried placing the kisses on top and running them to the freezer, but they still melted. So, I decided to just swirl the melted kisses around on top.  For the second and third dozen, I simply chopped extra kisses and sprinkled them on top for the same effect.  This was much easier, but probably not as cute as with the kiss on top!

- I found the peppermint kisses at Walmart in the seasonal food/candy aisle.

- I put the extra cookies in a freezer bag and will use to set out for Santa!  This recipe makes a lot of cookies and they freeze well!

I also made these White Chocolate Dipped Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies again this year and delivered to our neighbors along with our Christmas card. These are always a fan favorite if you are looking to try out a new recipe!


  1. Ooh! They look so yummy! I love peppermint kisses...and win! ;)

  2. We made these last night…sooooooo yummy! I froze the kisses prior to making the cookies and they didn't melt at all :)