Life Love Larson: Using Coconut Oil to Remove Eye Makeup


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Using Coconut Oil to Remove Eye Makeup

I keep finding more and more reasons to love coconut oil!  I recently saw on Pinterest that it is a great eye makeup remover, so I gave it a try.  I will (and occasionally do) leave the house without makeup on, but I always, always throw on a little mascara.  Even though I love it, removing it is such a pain!

Cue the coconut oil.  Simply rub a small amount of it in a circular motion on yours eyes and start to feel/see your eye makeup coming off.  Once you look like a raccoon, use a wet wash cloth or wet cotton ball and remove all the gunk.  It works great, it's inexpensive, and your eyes will thank you for the moisturizer!

I purchased a little glass sugar jar w/ lid at Walmart (less than $3 in the kitchen section) to store the coconut oil in my bathroom.  I keep it on a little tray near my sink for easy access, along with cotton balls, Q-tips, lotions, etc.

While we are on the subject, I do have a favorite mascara that I have used forever.  I have tried so many different kinds and always come back to this one.  My absolute favorite!

What is your favorite mascara or beauty product?!  xo


  1. Great tip! Love the jar you use. I use it & love it, too!!

  2. If you whip the coconut with a hand mixer before you put it in your sugar bowl it will have a smoother consistency and be easier to scoop out.