Life Love Larson: A Lesson in Thankfulness


Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Lesson in Thankfulness

Hello Friends!  We're really trying to relish every second of this gorgeous weather we have been having in KC. Even the chilly mornings have just been crisp and fall-like and wonderful.  We are so lucky to live on a street/neighborhood where everyone is always outside and playing.  We are lucky to see and feel the seasons change (even if winter is not my thing!).  Not a day goes by that I am not thankful to live in such a wonderfully clean, safe, and pretty place.  It's the little things for me lately.  Warm home. Comfort food. Good friends. Happy kids.  Don't you just love October?

Powell Pumpkin Patch 

In all this goodness, my thoughts were tested last week when, in two days, my computer hard drive and my car both died.  Two things I use multiple times a day.  Both just completely dead, would not turn on, dead.  I immediately became frustrated and started feeling sorry for myself.  I had already had some stuff clogging up my head space and I was beyond annoyed.  Amongst other more serious things including medical stuff on both sides of our family, I have also been missing my sister.  A lot.  I felt sorry for myself in the moment.  I'm also an admitted control freak and type "A" personality, and these two hiccups were NOT on my "to-do" list!!

So, after the dust settled and my car was fixed and I purchased a new computer, I reflected on my complaining and whining and feeling sorry for myself.

I had to ask for help, at which I am not very good.  Help with rides, help with watching my kids while I dealt with the car/tow truck (because Steve was out of town).  Instead of feeling bad about all of this, I should have just let go and felt thankful that I have a group of friends who would drop what they were doing to come get me and my kids, which they did.  In a world of no grandparents and siblings nearby, this means so much to me.  I shouldn't have felt bad when my friend asked to watch my kids for a few hours so I could deal with my car.  I should have felt grateful that a friend knew I needed a break, and was willing to help me, even if I didn't ask for it.

Instead of being dramatic about losing everything on my computer, I should have been thankful that I had been diligent about backing up my documents and pictures.  I should have been thankful that we have the means to not only replace my computer, but upgrade.  I should have been thankful that even though I have been driving my car since I was 23 years old (that's 10 years for those that are counting :), I was able to get it fixed the very next day.  I should be so thankful to have a car that has gotten me/us around for so long with almost no issues (gotta love those Hondas!).

I am thankful that I decided to gain some perspective on the situation.  In my world, these two things seemed like a big deal, but in the real world, these are just ordinary, everyday issues that are easily dealt with.  I am thankful (in these moments) for getting older and wiser, learning more about myself every day, and learning to let go a little bit.  A few years ago I'm not sure I would have even had the wherewithal (or time) to reflect on my attitude/behavior.  I am choosing to see the positive and be thankful because that is where I have learned I am the happiest (and most like myself).  Sometimes being thrown off a bit can help put things back in perspective.  It was a good lesson in learning to let go and choosing to be thankful.  xo


  1. So true - and what a great post! I especially like your inspiring quotes.

    1. Thank you! Sometimes it feels good to just let it all out in a blog post!!