Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pre-K, Sports, & We Lost Something

Kansas City is finally going to catch a break in the heat department tomorrow!  I think everyone has “fall” on the brain, but it’s hard to justify with 95-100 degree temps over the past two weeks.  I am ready for mums, and sweatshirts, and fire pits, and not having our air conditioning running 24/7!

Kate started pre-k last week.  She’s loving it, and I am loving every.single.minute of my 4 hours of alone time each week!!  :)

pre-k kate

Drew starting playing flag football this year, which means we are juggling two sports for him this fall.  He scored a TD in his first game, and I’m pretty sure he is ready for more!


Playing/watching sports is pretty much the theme going on around here right now.  Kate is also playing soccer, but they do girly things like wear soccer bows in their hair and name their team the Polka Dot Pandas :).  Love a kid in a uniform!














In more sports news, we went to a pre-season Chief’s game with all of our neighbors and had a blast.  Our hearts are with the Bears, but we always support the hometown teams wherever we live!!  I love doing “new to us” things in Kansas City.


We lost something around here.  This kid is just having a bunch of firsts lately!


A lot of people have been asking how my sister and her family are doing in Singapore.  They are adjusting very quickly and the kids are both going full time at the International School.  I think the main adjustments are living in a big city with no wheels (subways, buses, and cabs are all too familiar now) and the sticker shock of what things cost (a small bottle of coffee creamer is $16)! 

The time change is really proving to be difficult to chat, but we are working it out.  I feel like a piece of me is gone without having her to talk to at a moment’s notice like I’m used to.  We have discovered a free app called Viber, which allows us to talk and text for free with our iPhones.  It has been such a great resource!


My DIY “Lacquered” Tray was featured in a DIY round-up on Apartment Therapy last week!  Thank you AT!

Hope you are all having a great week!  Today, and always, God Bless America!  xo

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