Life Love Larson: Mudroom Door Painted Black


Monday, September 9, 2013

Mudroom Door Painted Black

Slowly but surely, the entry/exit doors on the first floor are being painted black.  The door to the back patio is black on both sides.  Now the mudroom door is also black on both sides, after the interior door recently got a paint job.
mudroom door black 1

I have been using the same paint for every door, Valspar Ultra Paint + Primer Semi-Gloss Exterior paint in Dark Kettle Black.  I originally purchased exterior paint for the back door, and just decided to go ahead and paint it on the interiors too.  I figure the extra durability can’t hurt.  This paint gives just enough sheen for a glossy door, but not too much that it shows a hard glare.

I have been applying three coats on every door, allowing enough time for each coat to dry in between (I’m talking 20-30 minutes in between, not hours, because I don’t have time for that!)!  I use a sponge roller for 99% of the door, and touch up around the hinges/door knob/lock with a small paint brush.  I have painted every door on the hinges. 
Here is a before of the door.  I simply prep the door by washing it with a little soapy water.
After one coat…
After three coats…
mudroom door black 1
I’m hoping to tackle the interior front door in the very near future! 


  1. Love the black door! It really adds to your mudroom!!

  2. The black is gorgeous! It adds so much Richness to the room.

    Looking forward to doing the "Look for less" challenge with you!!

    Xo Kylie @ Absolutely Arkansas